This is what English sounds like to someone who doesn't speak it. (video)

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Have you thought this before?

Being someone who speaks English; I have always wondered what I sound like to other language speakers. Its a really hard concept to wrap your mind around, when its something you know so well. I specifically remember thinking this when I was a kid, and I still think it, from time to time. "I wonder if I sound, like they do to me?". I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, which is a really culturally diverse place, so I had plenty of exposure to different languages.

I believe I have found the answer! I seen a video titled, "How English sounds to non-English speakers", and it grabbed my attention. I thought,"How would they even go about giving and example?". Well it turns out, they did a great job, and it helped me understand this weird thing; your own language sounding foreign to you.

If you speak English, and have ever wondered this, watch the video.

Here it is.


@kotturinn maybe you can tell me if this is how English sounded to you; before you mastered it. Haha

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Awesome post ! I sent that to my nephew who speaks several languages, im sure he will get a kick out of it


Thanks @modernnomad! I thought it was pretty interesting. It gives you a different perspective. I hope he enjoyed it too.

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Hey, good luck on your journey in our fine community! I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @nakedchef89.

I like the salad


It did look pretty good. Haha

Well I never learned English I speak American which is a far cry from English. When I hear some people speak it it sounds like a foreign language especially here in Hawaii


Not sure I understand what you're getting at.


Whey you stay wavemaster? shoots brah!!!

That was genuinely really cool, great post man :)


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

Nice! I have wondered what my American English sounds like to those I've talked with in other languages. An interesting topic. :)


Thanks! I feel like this helped me get a better understanding.

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This is great, I speak english and sometimes it still sounds this way...