How multilingual is steemit ?

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Do you ever wondered what language is the most used in Steemit?

English is not the only language used by steemians, even if it is obviously the #1.
Some posts are written in "foreign" languages and may even contains multiple languages.

Here is the answer to my first question, if we exclude English:

This chart includes posts only (no comments or replies)

OK, there are some unexpected languages in this chart. Please keep in mind that language detection is not always perfect and sometimes got tricked when there are not enough words in a posts.

And the winner is ... Dutch!

He he, I'm pretty sure our friend @roelandp is on the starting blocks to ask to create his own copy of steemit and rename it to stoomit or stemit like the Russians did with Golos ;)

Mate, calm down a bit before to rush headlong into it. Have a look at the following chart first. It shows daily posts count for the top 3 languages starting from July (data before July are quite irrelevant).

Interesting, isn't it?

What we see is that the Dutch community has been the most active in July, followed by the Russian community. But they slowly declined starting mid-July to become pretty mute nowadays.

Look at the Spanish’s posts! As for other languages, there has been a decline but less important.
Moreover, starting September, the number of Spanish posts got higher and higher and this community is now dominating since mid-September.

Sorry @roelandp but your fellow Dutch language authors have hard work to do and come back pole position. Hopefully SteemFest will help the emergence of new Dutch writers.

The challengers

Here the same graph with the top 6 languages altogether.

Chinese and German community did their best mid-August, outshining current best performers. Unfortunately, they have failed to keep pace and are now on a downward trend.

The contributors

Want to know who are the top "foreign" language authors this month?

Top Spanish writers


Top Russian writers


Top German writers


Top Chinese writers



Go on steemians, there is a place for language diversity on steemit. Follow the Spanish community example and write in your own language.

There are also several English authors who explicitly authorize the translation of their posts as part of Operation Translation, a project initiated by @papa-pepper. The author of the translation get the rewards if the translation is upvoted.

Let's make steemit community truly multilingual.

Thanks for reading!

Image source 1

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Excellent report and thanks so much for mentioning Operation Translation.

Authors from any language may join in, as there is no reason not to have Chinese posts translated into French, Russian posts translated into Spanish, German posts translated into English, and so on.

Thanks for all that you do @arcange!


Thanks @papa-pepper. Of course this post is translation authorized.
I would be amazed to see my post translated in Chinese.
I speak Chinese but unfortunately unable to write :P


There was some interest when I mentioned Operation Translation from the Chinese community, but I have not seen anything come through yet.

It is amazing to see a post suddenly be available in other languages.

Also, I'll fully support any witness who is committed to building up the international community, so you'll get my vote for witness.


I think you already did (and I wish you could do it twice :P )
Thanks twice!!!


I was wondering, but was on the mobile, so I couldn't check at the time.

Hopefully it encourages others!

UPDATE - The french version of this post is here

Thank you for your work, this is quite encouraging!


I'm glad you get incentivized with my post ;)

How did you make the statistics? That is, how do you figure out which language a post has?

Unbelievable. I see mostly English posts. Perhaps because I want to see them. From where did you get the figures? What is the up dated version?
And where comes Esperanto in? I am one of the very few to spread the word in the internatinal language ESPERANTO: