📷 Landscape Saturday - View🔭 On The Fields And Swabian Alb/ Volcanos by @lichtblick 😊

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Hello dear Steemians

The Region Where Milk And Honey Flows

Today I show you a few views on the croplands and in the background on the three pictures below you will find the swabian alb with his former vulcanic mountains. 

The region here is very fertile and usally grows raps, corn, wheat and a lot of fruit trees. The terrain is optimal for sheeps too because they can graze beautifully on the orchards.

Because of the former vulcanos we even know how a little erathquake feels- yes you heard right that even happens here from time to time that the earth is shaking. We owe this to the Hohenzollern ditch which was created 15 million years ago as a result of the tectonic tensions caused by the folding up of the Alps under the pressure of the African Plateau and the associated uplifting of the Swabian Alb.

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing

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Das erinnert mich an meine Kindheit auf dem Dorf.
Aber auch beim joggen lauf ich immer an unseren Feldern vorbei.
Sehr angenehm jedes mal. :)

If we do not take into account the volcanoes, I think, that the fields in all countries are similar. I like your photos, it feels like they're made in my grandmother's village.

Cool place and amazing photography. great to know that place is former volcanic. Just imagining volcanoes make me fearful. Earthquake is not too good. but we face a lot of earthquake these days in all part of the world. Thanks for sharing such a nice photography. keep sharing @lichtblick

beautiful photography and deacribe about the land, its fertile and productivity of crops.

Da fühle ich mich gleich wie zu Hause!!!
Könntest du hier bei uns auf der Höhe fotografiert haben.
Kommt an meine Wand!

Hihi. Besten Dank mein Lieber :-)

Excellent your natural photography .I impressed see your photo..

WOOOW fantastic and beautiful photography #landscape photograpy so nice you have great skills for this caption

Wow!Excellent photography. Dear @lichtblick
You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful natural view is!

Wow this is so beautiful to see stunning photography :)

Fantastic photography....

amazing photography...u are too kind to sharing it. I love this post very much dear 😊

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote......../////////

Wow....excellent photography, beautiful nature, nice post, thanks for sharing

Nice pic

wish to visit one day

Lovely photos @lichtblick !I also like simple and beautiful nature..


Nice photo
really awasem.......thanks for sharing

This is so beautiful! I'm in love

frankly say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just wonderful........view of those land...........

It’s a very amazing view...really it’s a very beautiful landscape photography ..

interesting pictures you have taken excellent shots

Beautiful places!

such an amazing photography,thanks a lot for sharing with us,hope u will share lot more,wishing you a lot of success in steemit,have a nice day.

Simply superb nice shots you clicked for the landscapesaturday

wow landscape photography at its best

very good post,@lichtblick