Early morning at the docks in Port McNeill

Early mornings can be tough to get up for sometimes, particularly, if you are more of a night owl than a morning person. However, when I am working on the certain vessels you do not have a choice about what time of the day you get up and start the day. the cool thing is that there is a thing called coffee and I am always pleasantly glad I got up because you are typically greeted with a stunning sunrise.

This time was no different with myself and the crew getting the vessel ready at the dock in Port McNeill on Vancouver Island prior to our guests arriving and as I was taking the recycling to the bins I was welcomed by quite a beautiful moment just as I was walking along the dock.

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Sweet capture man, loving the composition and the symmetry and that awesome fresh blue mirror imaged sky and water reflection.. you should definitely be guzzling that coffee and getting that camera shutter snapping away often man.. when you have got views like that... its almost rude not to! Looking forward to seeing more... good stuff


hahaha! Thanks mate! I greatly appreciate the support and advice to suck it ups and get out there. I shall do my best not to hit snooze on the alarm next time around

Nothing like a gorgeous sunrise to help you wake up. I actually like that pre-dawn exhaustion. Even though I'm tired as hell, there is always a sort of promise that comes with early in the morning...or maybe those are the crazy thoughts of a sleep deprived person that doesn't drink coffee.

Beautiful picture. I'd like to be sitting there with that early morning promise feeling.


haha! it might be but I have found that once you are actually up and moving it doesn't take long to actually feel more awake. For me, it is just that first act of getting out of bed and to start moving, which is the most difficult. Thanks heaps too, I am stoked you liked the photo

Amazing photo. Very stunning reflection in the water.


Thank you very much! I am happy that you liked the photo

Beautiful photography@thomasjmitchell