Fall Colors Are A GO In Tahoe!!! The Shack, Shot Yesterday (which of the 4 photos do you like best?)

Fall colors may not be peaking quite yet in Tahoe but they are definitely looking great! I grabbed the photo gear and headed out yesterday afternoon to scout my favorite spots to see how the aspens and cottonwoods were looking. Lucky me, I ended up getting some "keeper" photos while out. I really didn't think I was going to be shooting much because it's still a little early in the season and there is still some green to many of the leaves, but the afternoon sun ended up making the golden glow happen anyway.

These photos below were all shot at "The Shack" near the top of Highway 267, in between Truckee and Kings Beach, California. This shack is a favorite go-to spot this time of year. Although it's often difficult to shoot because it's a well-known spot that is easily visible from the highway. There tends to be a lot of people out there in autumn, taking selfies, portrait photos and sometimes painting. I tagged the location using @steemitworldmap, look for the link in the comments below.

I have more photos from other locations and a little video to share soon. But for now, I have a question:

Which one these photos do you like best?

_Q1A0017.jpg #1

Shot on a Canon 5DS R with a 24-105mm lens set at 24mm. A polarizing filter was used in order to cut down on any glare on the yellow leaves, this helps bring out a little more color saturation to the leaves. It also helped darken the blue sky and create a nice contrasty look. The shutter speed was 1/320 of a second, nice and fast since there was a breeze shaking the leaves. No tripod was needed since the shutter speed was fast enough to shoot handheld. The aperture was set wide to let in a lot of light, f5.6. And this all let to an ISO of 400.

_Q1A9984.jpg #2

A close up of the leaves, shot with the same camera with the lens set at 105mm. A polarizing filter was also used for the same reason as above. The shutter speed was 1/320 second, the aperture was f7.1, the ISO was 400.

_Q1A9931.jpg #3

Here's a wide angle view of the shack (on the left). I like that this one shows the overall scene and I like the layered look to the dried grass, trees, and sky. A polarizer was NOT used for this shot. I had actually just gotten out of the car when I shot this, I had not put the filter on yet.

_Q1A9942.jpg #4

These aspens are in the same area as the shack, but the shack is obviously not in the shot. Again I like the layered look to this image. I also like how orange the color of the leaves were at this little patch of aspen. It's the same area as the closeup of the leaves above.

Thank you for reading, looking, and answering my question!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography



Love these shots, but the first takes the cake (an ice-cream peppermint cake). Resteemed, and expect a cake in the mail!

Woohoo!!! Thank you @photofeed!!! Mmmm ice-cream peppermint cake.... If I had one to mail, I'd probably eat it before it shipped out haha! Cheers!

Great photos all of them. Here in Estonia nature starts to change color slowly now but we are getting smashed by story winds this week and this itself blows off most of the leaves haha.I still hope there is something left after this week to take photos of.

Thank you @greddyforce! Oh bummer! I hope you have some leaves to shoot too. The wind blew pretty strong at times yesterday and did knock some of the leaves off. I've missed shooting fall colors in previous years due to early storms, but not this year. Good luck!

Awesome coloring! Being in the pacific northwest, I don't really get to see all the fall colors. Just evergreens everywhere. I like shot #3, a cool little section of birch (All birch?) among a sea of evergreens.

Thank you @thraellock! We also have mostly evergreens but we are lucky to have these little pockets of aspens (not birch) around as well. It's a great time of year for photography here.

Beautiful colors. I'll go with #1

they are all wonderful, but I would pick no 2, that close up of the leaves is beautiful and plus my youngest daughters name translates as leaf in English xx

Oh, that's awesome! And thank you for letting me know your answer.

Wow - not peaking but still gorgeous. I miss this type of changing leaves here in Europe.

Glad you liked those @momogrow! And sorry you don't get to see the fall colors in person... Cheers!

Good thing I don't HAVE to choose! Awesome all of them. So glad you're capture the colors. They move the soul!

Haha, nope! No have to's... Glad you like those colors, I'm hoping to get out soon for some more. Cheers!

Get it while the gettin's good!

All of them are really excellent and beautiful. If I had to pick the last one with the good contrast with green and yellow

Nice, thank you @robertandrew! Glad you like that last one. The color on those aspens were looking super cool.

They are all great, but I love the leading lines created by the fallen dead tree. It takes the eye right to the shack!!

Yes! I had fun with that look. Glad you like it!

Beautiful shots! I miss seeing these fall colors, so my favorite is the focus on the leaves. The color is as warm as the sun. The layered trees and grass in the third image makes me think of a Bob Ross painting...and I mean that as a compliment. Stunning!

Hahaha! Happy little trees... Thank you @kunschj! It's early enough in the season that the leaves still looked good for a close-up. Often, I'm too late for that type of shot and they are all heavily damaged looking. Cheers!

The 1st picture I liked! for me that I like more

Cool, thank you for letting me know @bullbel, glad you like it!

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