Whispering Waves, Crashing Waves … Goa India – Landscape Photography

This is my entry in the LandscapePhotography contest by @juliank.   

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This beach in the tropical Indian state of Goa would become crowded during the high season. At those times, I stayed away. 

Solitude, standing on a beach 

During the rainy season, only a small number of tourists came to Goa. At those times, I went to Goa as often as I could. Usually, I found myself alone on the beaches. As you can see on this long stretch of beach, there are only 5 other people – in the distance. 

Crashing waves, whispering waves 

I enjoyed the solitude, and even more, I enjoyed nature and its dynamic forces. When the rains poured down, I sat on my balcony, reading a book and sipping tea. 

When the weather cleared, I’d walk along the shoreline, listening to the large waves crash upon the shore and the smaller waves whisper as they spread out, slowly and languidly, over the long, flat beach.   

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Last July I went to Varkala, a tourist beach town in Kerala region.
I underline, in July. Can you imagine? I was alone with high wild dark grey waves and huge black crows.
I felt in a morbid movie. Your photo with the orangy sand and the calm sea, shows (compared to what I have seen) a beloved paradise.


I've been to Kerala, but not to Varkala.

When you went there, it must have been the rainy season. I like the image of those "high wild dark grey waves"!!! Makes me want to go there ... in July.

Actually, this was taken in Baga, which is in the north of Goa. But the beaches down in the south of Goa were even nicer!

Goa again,,,

So those are the shores that my Portuguese ancestors saw when they arrived to India and set up shop there. :)


Yep, same place. They came, they saw, they realized it was a blissful tropical paradise, so they stayed for a few hundred years.

As anyone would ...

I felt a jolt seeing this photo.. I just so love being on water. Perhaps, I was a mermaid in my past life because everytime I am on a beach, I can't help but soak myself till i turned gray. For me, the best place on earth is at the beach. Thanks for sharing @majes.tytyty all I can do for now is sigh, what a lovely place to visit.


And I may have been a mer-man! Or, maybe I'll be one in my next life.

Sea is the ultimate eternity...! 🤗

I never met someone who could visit a seashore without being happy in mind..!

Btw the sand color is quite different on Goa..! 👻

Kind of cool though..! 😇

~Tennis Girl 🎾🎾


I believe the color of the sand may have been partly due to the rainy season. Altho I'm not sure.

Whatever, it looked wonderful.

White beaches are silver, this beach is gold! Golden beaches are so underrated, but it looks truely beautiful! Bring me there please!


Baga beach, north Goa. Actually, I found the beaches in the south of Goa to be even nicer.


Really? Sounds like a place I have to write down on my bucketlist as well!


Yep. After I found Palolem Beach in the south, I never returned to the north.

good travel and a good luck in the contest follow now


Thank you.

No doubt, You really good at photography. You always findout something good. I appreciate your thinking. I have read your post carefully. But i wanna know why you feel always alone. Please don't mind. See the image bellow.




I don't always "feel" alone. When I'm alone, I feel relaxed and comfortable and at peace. I do not need the constant activity and chatter of other people.

At the same time, I do enjoy the company of good friends, or, more accurately, of one good friend at a time.

Also, I think that if one cannot be at peace when s/he is alone, then s/he will probably never be totally at peace. If you look to others to bring you peace of mind, then you will not have peace of mind when those others are not around.


Sounds Good. And I pray to spend your time with friend and Colleague with happiness and love.

The matter may not be clear to everyone, but you have written it very well.
You said the whole thing so beautifully that it can not be imagined.
You can write a lot better, your praise will be reduced.
Please let us know as you write it, hopefully you will give us a lot of great gifts.
Stay tuned, stay with us. Keep it up your job Sir. Thanks For Your Everything.


Thanks for your kind words. Glad you like my short little post.

..so relaxing to watch/see sir @majes.tytyty😊


The reality was relaxing and blissful...

wah very beautiful beach, if this beach is in my country then I make sure I will visit this beach, the panorama extraordinary beautiful


Yes, it truly was a wonderful panorama.

GOA looks stunning. :)


It is. I would fly from New Delhi to Goa, and it was like leaving India and entering a different country. A tropical paradise.

Without going thru any immigrations hassles!!


I've heard of Goa but never thought the beach would look this good. :)

Bellísimo lugar 😍


Truly "bellisimo."


No thanks, I'm not a marketer. Never have been, and never will be. I'll stick to my writing, and let the Steemit platform take care of the "marketing" side.

But good luck. Many may find your product / service helpful.

Uff hermoso 😮 en serio que provoca estar allí 😁✌ buena foto


Arigato! 😁

Very nice. photography. india post this post to you for thank you very much and post like I post vote and comments and post share and follow-I, so that as this post all see and this post to everyone can vote

Nature at its finest. Nice shot

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nice shot! breathtaking!

wonderful shining of water is very beautiful you are very creative

Nice wish to visit india

woow on beach nice photo landscape photo so beautiful

so relaxing to watch nice photography

beautiful entry i wish you win this landscape photography challenge contest
best wishes for you @majes.tytyty

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this is so majestic and alluring! i feel relaxed just by looking at it.

great photography thanks for sharing .

wow! it is beautiful, i must say you are an awesome photographer.


always wanted to explore more of asia! India is def on the list :) Great photo of the beach btw.

wow good

Nice photography.

Enjoyment, enjoyment. pleases invite me when next you visit this water i will like to follow you enjoy also.