When the Music’s Over, the Sound of the Waves Continues … Koh Wai, Thailand – Landscape Photography

This old, weather-beaten dock winds across the water, almost without sound. And usually, it serves as a fine reminder of calmer, quieter, and slower times.  [Right-Click Here to Enlarge Photo]

Listen … the waves

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Wai is an isolated and very quiet island. There are no roads and no vehicles. The electricity runs only in the evening, for a few hours, before being shut off again at 11:00 p.m. Basically, there’s not much to do apart from watching the ocean and listening to the waves. 

Even though this is the only dock on Koh Wai island, it is not used very often. On certain days, a passenger ferry might come to this tiny island, to drop off or pick up a few tourists. But during low season, if no tourists come, the ferry will not run.   

When the music’s over

Unfortunately, every few days, a large tour boat carrying a few dozen tourists pulls up, moors itself to the end of the dock, and turns up the sound system. For 2–3 hours, the intruders party like animals, blaring music and disturbing the peace.    

I realized that, whenever the boat pulled up, I simply had to escape to the island’s other beach. Then, in the late afternoon, when the party boat returned to the mainland, I’d come back to this beach, where I could again enjoy the peace and quiet. In fact, I’d appreciate it all the more.  
Location – Koh Wai, Thailand, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Landscape Photography contest.
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Awesome shot! Love Thailand.
Its definitely a breathtaking view and I would love to be there!

You beautifully caught a tree, to the left, this time around again - as your custom is. That adds beauty to this awe-inspiring shot. Sometimes, I wonder whether you planted these trees there. And I am fascinated by the topic - When the Music’s Over, the Sound of the Waves Continues …


Yes, again, a bloody tree got in the way of an otherwise perfect photo!!! Godda try harder to avoid them. Maybe put a "greenery filter" on my lens. He he he...

The music was loud, and irritating. So I was glad when the boat left and the music was over. By the way, "When the Music's Over" is the title of a song by 60s band The Doors.

And the phrase in the first line "wind ... across water, ... without sound" comes from a great poem by Wallace Stevens ... https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/13261/sunday-morning

Until seconds before posting, the first line had said something like, "This old weather-beaten dock remains sturdy and stable." Then, at the last second, I though that sounded kinda trite, and the phrase from Stevens' poem popped into my head.

I rewrote the first sentence, then clicked "Post." Glad I did.

Anyway, I'm glad you like the post, and even found the title fascinating.


Wow. Thanks for the additional details and for providing a glimpse into the editing process of the photo text. Certainly, you made a great decision, one that ended up putting life and glamour and wings in your descriptions. I did not know anything about Wallace Stevens, so I am happy to have learnt something great today. The diction of the poem, nevertheless, appears to be too strong and tough. It is a great poem, anyway.

As for the trees, you do not have to cut it out. I love it. It has changed my perception about taking a shot with my smart phone. I hope to see more of it. Cheers!


Right. I was just kidding about the trees. :-)


That really got me. Lol

Excellent article. Better music can only be silence.

Отличная статья. Лучше музыки может быть только тишина.


True. I never understand why people have to blare music when they're surrounded by nature.

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Beautiful picture 😊

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Thanks. Glad you like it.

very informative and interesting.But i have one doubt here.Why electricity is not provided for 24 hours there ? who ever wants to stay there or may be some emergency at night time,people might be facing problems.whatever the problem may be for the availability of electricity,vehicles and transportation service related issues should be solved,which will lead lot of tourist to this particular place.

Thailand is the most beautiful destination to spending Holidays.

Really such a wonderful places,Weather is to good,Heart touching places,amazing clicks,Interesting photography,Thanks for sharing,

Can you snap some photos of the inside of that building at the end of the dock. It looks really cool!

I would love to visit Thailand someday <3

Beautiful place..

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Thanks for sharing with us. I really love Thai and maybe to become our next travel destination.

hey chief @majes.tytyty any real time tips to help build my account and earn providently ? I need help thanks


Just post high-quality posts, with interesting content. That's the best starting advice I can give.


i guess ive been too lazy or Something. Plus being overly dedicated 😣😣.
I need funds ... and legitimately 😭

amazing view

AMAZING photos thank you for sharing, please can you follow me to help me grow. Thank you so much @zipp03

Thailand, what a place!

Beautiful shot! It looks like an amazing, peaceful place. I'm sorry people come to ruin the peace sometimes. To some extent, isn't it nice to have a little bit of human presence? I know when I've spent time near the ocean, in isolated places, I've often welcomes a little bit of noise coming from passing boats at night. It's nice to hear it drift over the water. That's just me though. I can understand why someone else wouldn't enjoy that as much :)

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Amazing click

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