July Bicycle Tour - Bonus 🌱🏖

Good evening everyone,

Follow on my last post July Bicycle Tour here are some bonus pictures of this trip.

My last Bicycle trip - Bonus

Sometimes the little things happen around you.

One think come about me today and give me the input for my camera.

Before I arrived at the Mondsee I had discovered some additional point of interests.

First, I stopped at this spot:


After that I ride with my bicycle to the Mondsee.
There I have get a picnic and enjoy my free time. Read more about that in my July Bicycle Tour story.

On the way back, I have gather this one:


On this location I discovered another beautiful lake. It is call Auensee in Granschütz. This lake is be located also in Saxony-Anhalt.

I hope you like my additional content about my last bicycle tour on sunday .

My name is Lukas and I want to get you to aim for the good things in life.

Please, if you want check out the whole July Bicycle Tour story:

See you. I wish you a nice and safe trip next time.

Nice regards.

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