Landscapephotography contest by @Juliank


Yosemite was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. The landscape goes from sand and desert like to the picture above. It's so beautiful and it makes you feel so small. Love to go back one day.


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It’s such a spectacular place to visit.

It really is! Have you ever been? :)

Lovely photo. Was it cold?

Thank you so much! It looks cold right! It was really hot though ;) But I completely understand why you thought it was cold. I always say it looks like snow mountains. But it's just the color of the stone. It's a white color.

Ha! That is so cool. I really thought those were snow capped

It is! This is a picture of what me and my brother were wearing that day ;)


Hahaha! Loving this pic too!

Haha! Thank you so much :) You're so sweet.

Another place I've never been that I should go.

It's really amazing :) Every hour you drive you have a totally different view and landscape. It looks like you have crossed 5 states in just a couple of hours.

There are many beautiful places that I have yet to visit. This is for sure one of them.

What I love most about the picture is the blue shade of the mountain and the sky. It's so beautiful.


Thank you so much! It sure is a beautiful place :)

Beautiful...and so much more vibrant than those old, drab, grey Ansel Adams shots of the same valley. Just kidding of course, but your photo really is a great one.

Lol! Thank you ;)

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