Movie Review: A Star Is Born (4/5)

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I haven't been to the movie theater for over a year, but I went with a friend to see Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's A Star is Born last night and I left pretty impressed, and in tears.

In short: A musician discovers and helps a young singer find fame. As her career takes off, their relationship breaks down, as age, depression and alcoholism send his own career into the abyss. The chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is exceptional and their performances and the movie's soundtrack are outstanding.

Besides not going to the movie theater, I haven't followed mainstream (radio) music in years and to be honestly, I was very surprised to see Lady Gaga's real face and hear her new songs - I only have a vague image of Lady Gaga and her music from the Poker Face / Bad Romance days.

On a more serious note: The film tackles mental health and addiction head-on showing that even with the undying support of loved ones and access to the highest-quality treatment options, sometimes those battles cannot be won if initially-developed in adolescence and left chronically-untreated.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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