should keep your beards as soon as possible.

in #krsuccess2 years ago


It becomes mine. Then Sadhubaba gave me a letter from his pot in a little water in the mud and said I will see the price of your gold tomorrow morning. Then he left very happy.

Then I woke up the next morning and was surprised to see. If his beard grows golden day by day, his beard will not get shorter.

Then one day I will sell and become very rich. I don't have to do any more work, just then a famous thief from their village was running.

He was very bad at stealing a lot of greed. He used to go to people's houses and steal but the man did not give any punishment then one day.

She knew in that look that he had lost his temper. Who picked him up at his house and said that you should keep your beards as soon as possible.

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