The twenty-third (23) installment of the exploratory journey in search of the death hunters.........

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The twenty-third (23) installment of the exploratory journey in search of the death hunters.........
Blood-soaked eyes in a non-war zone. .. ..

Most of the world's war conflicts were created for the sake of power because the other party or nation did not accept the ideas of politicians or the ideas expressed or implemented in favor of one nation. Among those who claim that their nation has been cheated for many years and enjoy all the comforts of Colombo and push their people into the fire of racism, watch their embers burn, and go back to their villages once in a month and break the ballot boxes saying that Tamils are marginalized, Thibu had a better taste. A catchphrase and slogan was to unite the North and the East and win a separate unit for the Tamils and a land they call their own. While a struggle for this purpose was going to win the armed fighters bloodthirsty, the Tamil political leaders, using money pumped from foreign countries, started a separate operation through the Tamil population and large-scale agricultural gardens, converting the forested areas into villages and exposing the terrorist activities of the LTTE terrorists. .
How will North East merge? What are its geography factors?


This northern and eastern boundary is centered on three provinces and three districts. The three provinces can be described as the north, central and eastern provinces and the Manan Aaru river started flowing down the district boundaries of Mulathivu, Anuradhapura and Trincomalee. The late Defense Minister Lalith Athulathmudali and the late Mahaweli Minister Gamini Dissanayake were both senior and learned champion politicians who understood what the road was being cut for by spending foreign money and buying large estates in those provinces on a ninety-nine year lease. In order to balance the possible situation, the tax periods of many of those estates were canceled and the Dravidian inhabitants who were there moved out and they were located in Kanda Udarata and Vavuniya areas and the villages made up of these Dravidian names were brought to the Mahaweli region and the Dravidian villages and rivers were given Sinhala names. . In this way, Munal Aru was translated into Sinhala and the village called Welioya was born, and under the Mahaweli Movement, people who were serving prison sentences for minor offenses were taken to live in open-air prison camps with their families. Sri Siri Sarankara Swamindrayan of Wadala Matara Kitalagama, which was destroyed due to a cowardly attack by the terrorists, had to bring more Sinhalese families from the southern province to these villages bordering these Dravidian villages and settle them.
This was a matter of annoyance to the terrorist groups and the Tamil political power authority, who were freely migrating to the Northern Province and the Eastern Province for terrorist activities, and in many cases the Sinhalese tried to force them to leave this province by showing weapons and intimidation, but the Sinhalese families who were trembling in fear of them were forced to live in those villages. They were not among those who came.
After finishing their activities, as usual, the villagers of Kent Farm located in Damilain and Musuwa Welioya in the neighboring villages and Dolar Farm located on the same sandy road leading to Kokilai Lagoon about four kilometers away, take dinner and go to bed as usual with a relaxed mind.
On the twenty-seventh day of November in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four
Four days ago...

According to the information received from the intelligence agencies, the commanding officer of the Alpha team, Captain P. Eight people along with Chandrawansa were leaving for Paranthan for a raid and investigation according to an intelligence report. That operation was not very successful, and after four days Vavuniya and from there Captain P. Chandrawansa will leave for Ganemulla in a jeep and a bus given to the rest of the group.
The date of their departure from Vavuniya was the thirtieth day of November 1984, at nine o'clock in the morning. In an unknown Tamil village not far north of Welioya, the skilled men of the war, who have captured this discipline and war championship in one hand, and who have captured this discipline and war championship in one hand, while they are looking for their homeland with a light heart for their rest A secret clot somewhere. Armed with well-sharpened manna knives and automatic firearms, they were waiting for the hour of the beast to arrive, whispering in secret and engaging in discourse.
While secretly watching all this, without being able to do anything, the final revolt of the mortals and the sins of brutality gave their caress to the land belts at the same time.
Somewhere in the Mullaitivu area, these nearly fifty people boarded two buses that stopped near an abandoned government building
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