Live photos and sounds 3/20/19 Gaura Purnima Alachua Florida Krishna Temple

in krishna •  3 months ago 
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Wow, I miss the association with the devotees so much...


Dear friend, Some of us are taking shelter by hearing from Srila Gaurahari das. He is always active on the internet with live broadcasts. His message is freeing. He is giving access to raganuga bhakti. Spontaneous devotional service. If you like you can see what is going on there. It is with the blessings of Srila Prabhupada. Raganuga is devoid of the awe and reverence. He will be live in a few minutes but he is live broadcast several times a day. Best wishes for progress on the path back home. Jaya Sri Krishna Chaitanya.


Thank you for your blessings and guidance.
When I learned about bhakti I was amazed by the so called higher teaching of pure love beyond the law. Not that I am not ready to follow rules, I had them already in my muslim religion, but rules are not satisfying internally. I always wanted to give myself completely to God. I will listen to Srila Gaurahari das.


Yes. The rules help with "behavior modification" but internally is something else. The difference between "religion" and spiritual awakening. Blessings on your journey. Hare Krishna.

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