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Great things about this community: Alachua, Florida, Hare Krishna.



The Deities in the temple are decorated and attended with great care and attention.


Link to the community's website:

The kirtans, classes, and offerings are going on.

The devotee-run schools are safe and registered as public schools.

The cows are sheltered.

The gardens are growing.

The public sankirtan is performed several times a week and special effort is made to take advantage of fairs and parades.

There are outreach programs and a preaching center at the University nearby, 20 mins away.

Astoundingly, a lunch prasadam program on the campus with full support and appreciation from the administration has been going on every day for over 40 years.

Tonight there are several activities to take part in. I'm choosing to attend kirtan, Krishna Book reading, and prasadam feast at a friend's house. They live on 5 acres in a very quiet and beautiful rural area nearby.


I'm bringing puris cooked in fresh ghee.


Very often there are visitors and guests as well as the core group. Very sweet loving family environment.

Link to the reading selection in Krishna Book:

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So beautiful place. I appreciate your beautiful spiritual article.

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