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Food is the way to go. It's not just about the stomach. It's about taste.

I've developed a passion for cooking for taste not just for health. It's a combo.

Why is taste so significant? Because that is what drives everyone to do everything. The taste. The experience. When taste is purified, the senses are able to perceive unlimited varieties of pleasurable experiences. They become free from the limitations of the material body. It starts with food and expands to all the senses, sight, sound, smell, touch. But it starts with food and the tongue. Tasting food. Chanting Hare Krishna helps to awaken and enhance the tasting experiencing.

Christopher Columbus and "What's for dinner?"

I was researching recipes this morning for making a dessert to bring to a friend's house this evening for their get together. We chant, read "Krishna Book" together and share a feast she prepares. My friend is a dynamo and I have no idea how she does everything she does. A lawyer, has four grown children and the grandchildren seem to always be visiting. She and her husband have an agreement for advancing in spiritual life. They are together but stay in separate rooms to minimize unnecessary agitation for sex. They manage five acres in a rural area just outside a small city in the Southern US, has renters and boarders in the various small structures constructed on the property for that purpose. Maintains a large orchard and vegetable garden. She know how to allocate duties and responsibilities and I am in constant awe of her expertise in just about everything she does. The topper is her down-to-earth demeanor. It is as if she always has her shirt sleeves rolled up and is ready to do the work whatever it is. Needless to say, I love to go her Friday night gatherings.

My mother taught me that when you go to someone's house you should bring something. So I was trying to find a suitable recipe to make a dessert to bring. I found a great YouTube channel. Wish I had found it sooner after my several flops over the last few weeks at trying to make the recipes the woman on this channel explains how to make so nicely.

But while I was researching like this and preparing a light breakfast I got what I like to call an "AH HA" moment. I love AH HA moments!!

In the Fifteenth century, Europeans were looking for a new and easier trade route to India and the East. They were driven especially by the desire for the spices. The taste. It was only incidentally that in their ocean voyages they came to the American continents. And the whole experiment in freedom and minimal government began. They were not looking for a new world. They were looking for the taste India offered with the spices and food.
Hence when they met the indigenous people in the American content they thought they were "Indians."

Taste is everything. The desire to experience pleasure is everything. It is the madness of the soul. Sometimes people become so frustrated at not being able to satisfy the desire they perform austerities of denial. But that goes against the nature of the living being. Desire is inherent. How to satisfy the desire for pleasure without getting a backlash. In other words, how to become actually free.... to enjoy unlimitedly. Not simply freedom "from" suffering, liberation.. But freedom "to" engage in pleasure. To taste. To experience pleasure. Karma-free. Guilt-free. Pleasure beyond the limitations of time.

Anyway, that was my AH HA moment. A moment in eternity lasts a long time.

Link to Krishna Book:

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