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Steemit Featured in Latest Korean Cryptocurrency Documentary



Since this morning, I couldn't wait to share this story with all my Steemian friends! Now, I'm ready to write it and I'm so excited! :)


A few weeks ago, I read a few posts about a new Korean documentary which is about cryptocurrency. Some Korean Steemians were interviewed by the team for it the film because​ they also going to talk about Steemit. Honestly, I was a little bit worried about it since there were negative documentaries about cryptocurrency they already came out in Korea.

The documentary was released by one of the three major broadcasters in Korea called SBS, on March 11th Sunday night (Korean time) with the title of SBS Special: [Bitcoin, an example of a great or dangerous experiment]

My impression is they appropriately blended negative appearance with positive aspects of cryptocurrency. Also, they explained the basics of Bitcoin quite well with various interesting examples and Steemit was one of the examples.


They started to talk about Steemit by introducing @wony who is the webtoon designer Park Jong-Won.


"Park Jong-Won is a webtoon designer who created the new phrase 'Mother’s Friend’s Son'" [quote from the documentary]

If you're curious about what is ‘Mother’s Friend’s Son’, please check the link down blow. What is ‘Mother’s Friend’s Son’ means


"He was given the chance to make a cartoon series of his own on a Korean portal site after ‘Mother’s Friend’s Son’ became popular, and recently he started a new platform to show people his work"[quote from the documentary]

The new platform they're referring to is Steemit!!

"There is something different about this website. Do you see the dollar sign? It is a kind of manuscript that readers send directly to the author" [quote from the documentary]


"Let's say you get 30 or 50 cents for a portion of a cartoon series on the existing site. But on this platform(Steemit) there is no limit to the amount people can give. If people really liked it, they can give even you a thousand dollars in post-compensation" [quote from the documentary]

"The direct transfer between the writer and the reader is done by a blockchain system. In addition, the author also can transfer to the reader." [quote from the documentary]

To give an example, @wony started to talk about what happened at the beginning of the year. He sold calendars on Steemit which he made himself. When he shipped the calendars the SBD price went up 10 times. He made a lot of money from it but he didn't want to take profits, so he sent part of the SBD back to buyers.


"People work incredibly hard to write posts for conventional portal sites. I think 100% of the profits are going to the executives in this model. The webtoon writer seems to be better off than regular bloggers because at least the webtoon designers get paid a writer's fee. Most of the content on the social media platform is actually produced by the general users. But who gets payed for that?" [quote from the documentary]


"Cryptocurrency analyst Josiah also frequently uses this blockchain based SNS(Steemit) these days" [quote from the documentary]



"When you upload good content, you will not only get immediate feedback, but you will also be able to identify those who have supported you. It wasn't possible with the existing portal sites" [quote from the documentary]

The documentary finished with Satoshi Nakamoto's hid code


I really liked the documentary. Although it was only a few minutes, I was so happy to be able to see Steemit through Korean documentary. Thanks for the great interview @wony!! I really appreciate what you did!

I don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but the Steem price has risen after the broadcast ;)

Steem on, @ramengirl

[All Image credit: SBS Special]


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