Han River Sunset - Seoul, Korea

in #kr6 years ago


One of my favourite photos from recent times. I took it from Yeouido, a popular place for picnics and summer activities. The Han River is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Seoul!

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Wow what a wonderful picture!!
as soon as i whatched this picture, i felt comfortable.

It is natural or you use some camera filter ??? it was really cool as well as awesome : )

@sandy07mundri It was natural, but the colours have been enhanced a bit :) I can say that it was very beautiful in real life though!

I'm so glad I decided to call in to see if you had posted anything recently. What a magnificent capture @devi1714 It's a little late to resteem but I would love to admire it some more so I am taking this with me. I hope you are well and making good progress with your studies my friend.

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