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Introduction of Park Roche in Jungsun, Gangwon Province, South Korea]

The whole South Korea is affected by air pollution that people are exposed to very harmful fine dust simply everywhere and that exacerbates health of body. It is hardly possible to see the clean sky and the air nowadays but no clear evidence has been provided what are the cause of those while the masscom guesstimate it is blown from China. The issue is not only for South Korea but also Thailand confronts similar problem.

As such of this reason, people tend to stay indoor and department stores are fully occupied with people while there are only few people walking on the street and they mostly put on the protective mask.

We are exhausted with the dirty air and always craved for a place with fresh air. We deliberated if we really need to buy a air purifier and I and my girlfriend encountered a special promotion that a hotel surrounded with mountains in the countryside offering a preposterous discount.

Address: 482 Sugam-ri, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Kangwon-do, South Korea

Park Roche is a branch of Park Hayatt Hotel which is renowned with its high valued service. It is located in Jungsun area where it is two hours away from Seoul by train and totally surrounded with stream and the mountains.

The architecture methodology of his place emphasized on the harmony between human body and the nature and we were always able to see the environment-friendly structures and smell the woods and fine tree-like scent everywhere within the hotel.

The normal price of hotel is nearly $250 - $300 per day including breakfast, wellness program such as yoga and meditation, and indoor activities including swimming, sauna, and jacuzzi.

A lot of athletes, politicians, and Ivanka Trump stayed over few nights here during Pyongchang Winter Olympic in 2018.

Let's take a glimpse through pictures!

Here are some pictures I took during my stay.

Wherever you are walking in the hotel, your feelings would be relieved by seeing some interesting structures.

This is a small lodge located next to the hotel building. The bonfire is just right in front of the lodge and you can simply read books or meditate your mind here.

This is Sukam room where I stayed a couple of nights. They have a nice amenity and the room was clean. However, please note that they do not have a table and no room service is available. Also, the refrigerator doesn't work strongly so that I always reserved for ice bucket in my room for a cold beverage.

The sauna [Korean style bath] is superb that I would even pay $20 to use if requested. The facility is really well-made and you can simply have a quite bath time as there are normally not many people during day and night time. They do have a outdoor jacuzzi within sauna, and therefore winter will be the best time to enjoy.

This is indoor swimming pool and frankly it is not too big nor long for adults. If five to seven people jump into the water, the pool will already be fully occupied for swimming. If compared this place to Bangkok swimming pool, this place is even worse than the pool in condominium where I had lived but it is quite fair enough in Korea.

This is outdoor jacuzzi which was my favorite part of my stay. They have five public outdoor jacuzzi which can accommodate 4 people per bath and had another two private jaccuzi which you should book in advance if want to use.

Though I went to this place during high season, I had never waited even a second for jacuzzi and really enjoyed good time surrounded with the nature and cold air.

They also have a very nice facility where you can improve your physical and mind health. They have a very good library and the gym with good facilities. In addition, they have wellness programs which is composed with yoga, meditation, food cratering, etc. Most of them are free of charge you can use but some charge $10-25.

The breakfast is $35 if not included. The menu is composed of both Korean and American dishes but only 10-15 menus were available which was not enough for me [compared to other hotels]. During high season, they separate the restaurant for two sides as they are not able to fully accommodate the guests in a place.


To sum up, this place is a quite good place if you want to spend a couple of days in a country side. The price is quite expensive as this is almost similar to 5 star hotel in Seoul while the service quality is lessor than those in Seoul.

The cons of this place is that it is totally isolated from the town that you are not even able to get any small snacks from convenience store while required to pay for expensive amount of money for snacks, foods, and beverage. I think the quality and service are not reasonable.

This was around $25-30 without beverage. Therefore, my suggestion is that you should prepare and bring small snacks from town when getting to the hotel.

Thanks for reading my article :) Please feel free to comment below if you have any inquiries and impression


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