In North Korea The Air Is Clean And You Can See All The Stars And The Milky Way

in #korea5 years ago

North Korea being "dark" at night and almost impossible to see the difference between land and sea was one of the reasons Bolton mentioned why it's necessary for the Muricans to put high pressure on Kim Jong Un.


Very amazing video of north korea night view

Pretty awesome videos.
I love stars.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Nature is so beautiful @pagandance.

Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

Murica is a devil country

kim got it covered too ;)

I think the north koreian govrnment should come forward solve this this prblm..If the govrmnt doesnt pay any heed to solve this prb at the time it will rising vry firstly..
Thnxxx sir @pagandance.👌

So true ..
North korea is country of dark , not only night it is totally dark for north korean people .. we see it , when one player can't won medal , kim goes through them in labour .... so sad!!

Yeah,,,ASIAN BOSS!!!!!!!!

kim got it covered too ;)

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