North Korea: Fresh test could trigger radioactive leak, South says

in korea •  11 months ago

"A fresh nuclear test at North Korea's mountainous testing site could trigger a leak of radioactive material, South Korea's chief meteorologist has warned." Read the full story below!

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If another test is done it could be the start of WW3


It could indeed

All I see is threats going back and forth at each other between the USA and NK. No action is taken... just war games and drills. Trying to rattle the other's nerves. To me it looks like just a bunch of postering and strutting. Eventually though, one of them is going to make the first move.


Like 2 children fighting over a toy

Could all be a big cover up for the next big thing as well.


Do you have something in mind?

Time will tell if this is just another "Russia means war" game. At least Kim seems a bit more trigger happy. But that's really not a good thing.



That sounds painful...


It will be

Lets see if they even care about that.


I'm not sure if they will

Interesting, there were unconfirmed reports today of a tunnel collapse at the nuclear test site in North Korea... may have been casualties.

Gee , I wonder who will be first to press the button?