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RE: Direct Admission of Guilt from Kokesh Campaign

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Well this is a good video and pretty much lays out a good counter defensive argument. If I was on a jury I would say that there is reasonable doubt to not implicate anyone. My concerns in the past was not hearing a good response from the Kokesh side. This responses is rather late, but reason given is reasonable. Thanks for clearing this all up.
BTW, thanks for sharing this video @kafkanarchy84 it does not help your case.


More "noise for hire," sent to add nothing of substance, but trying to muddy the waters. What a shock. Trouble is, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION doesn't depend upon lawyeresque standards of "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" (even though there is that here), so all the actual voluntaryists who see the conniving, parasitic, narcissistic reptiles for what they are, can simply distance themselves. And no amount of noise or bullshit will undo it.

Hi Larken, btw, I am a big fan of your work. Not as big a fan of Kokesh, I like what he is doing, but agree with you that using politics won't get him far. Kokesh is free to pursue this method, without aggression of course. Sorry, I was away from my computer for 5 day for a family emergency, so I could not reply until now. I still stand with my statement however, not enough proof to say that I am 100% convinced.

How does a direct admission that the screenshots are authentic “not help my case”?

How does refusing to address threats delivered to a 9-year-old and a litany of other things “not help my case”?

I am talking about the full video which is what I saw in another post. I assumed this video was the same full 1 hr video, sorry. There is no denying that the screenshots are real. There is no evidence of threats to your child anywhere. The rest of the video, does not help your case.
I dare you to share the rest of the video in this post

You read the screenshots, right?

  • Why were they trying to geolocate me?

  • Why were they analyzing license plates in my YouTube videos to find my physical location?

  • Why was Ben lamenting that he could “only reach me digitally”?

  • Why were “assets in Japan” mentioned?

  • Why were teams with “kill rates” in the Middle East and Russia mentioned?

  • Why when Farmer was warned that children often get dragged into these things, did he say “keep that to yourself”?

I can only assume now you are either illiterate, ignorant, or part of their team.

Perhaps you should read the screenshots.

I look forward to your answers to these questions.

I have been away from my computer for family emergency for 5 days.
It is not my place to answer those questions. I have no agenda and I am not with the Kokesh campaign. I have been following this with interest since you first brought it up, and yes I have seen and read the screenshots and I believe they are real. I am sorry to disappoint you but this is my opinion. I stay with what I said, I am not convinced. BTW, some of these questions were answered by the person in the video and those that were not, was not for him to answer. I am not saying they were the truth, they do however bring up reasonable doubt.

You are not convinced those bulleted points are in the screenshots? That is interesting. Please explain how each specific point is not in the screenshots.

It’s right in the video:

I dare you to provide a link to the full video.

Lol. The full video is already linked in the post. Smh.

As I figured. Another noisemaker who cannot read, or listen.

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