Ad Perpetranda Miracula Rei Unius

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People like Astrology because it tells them good things about themselves, in a world where this is a rare gem to find lying around. This fact does not add or subtract to the credibility of Astrology as a discipline of study. Around the globe people have their own ways of reading the stars, science included, and they are all as valid as the existence of the mind that believes.

We all exist, and this is one of the big truths of the Universe. We are not mere projections of one thinking mind that created mirrors to behold itself. We are real: we know, we infer from our knowledge and experience, and we feel and sense intangible truths. From this entails that not a single one of us can find sufficient proof to degrade and destroy the beliefs of others, and those who do are being choked by their own egotism. Realities are complex and malleable, and they influence each other in the most magical, symbolic ways.

Two statements collided on the social networks recently:

  1. How can you believe in Astrology in the era of science and communications?


  1. How can you create a new Zodiac sign, when the ones we know and love have been immutable since the begining of time?

Both statements are equally narrow minded.

In the same way that Lombrosso's criminal recognition through physical characteristics was the birthstone of criminology, alchemy is the mother of medicine and observation is the father of mathematics and physics, Astrology parented everything we now know about psychology. Every bit of text in which we search for our own truths was born way up there, above our heads, and at the same time, within them.

Another big truth of the Universe: life will be born from life, something will stem from something, nothing can be born from nonexistence. Therefore, Astrology as a field of knowledge is as valid as what came after it, and what came before it. As a product of the human mind, it is pregnant with human truths. This is another reason why, many thousands of years later, we still look up and wonder.

Believing in Astrology does not mean that you should not leave your house without reading your daily horoscope, or better yet, believing in every single half-assed horoscope there is out there. This is for highly dependent and insecure people (we have all been there). True Astrology wears its best suit when reading and fully understanding the symbols it uses to convey its messages. For example: the Sun is strength and drive, the Moon is emotional depth, Mercury is communication, Venus is beauty and sensuality, Pluto is mystery, death and rebirth... And every sign is a gift we bring into the world, the gift of ourselves, of this little piece of Universe that looks at you in the mirror every day. Once you understand that you are clothed and crowned in stars, that life is offering you its myths to help you understand yourself... You may as well fire your psychiatrist.

Astrology is not a science, it does not use the scientific method anymore. It was bron from observation, as all good knowledge is; deep observation of human behavior, done by people who liked to seat in circles at night and look at the reflection of the sky in a placid pool of cool water, and talk. It was by no means the product of an idle mind looking for ways to scam or convince the gullible. It is not a method of divination, either. It is a compound of knowledge based on observation that has been throughout the ages used it the most pernicious ways (a lot like Science).

Humans nowadays have lost a large part of our innate ability to feel, sense and observe, partly because of the highly saturated environment we live in, and partly because of various wounds left by our upbringing and social acquaintances. We are more focused on numbing ourselves than in opening up to the influeces around us. Asking someone's astrological sign is frowned upon, reading astral charts is a rare ability and identifying constellations in the heavens no more than a romantic desire for those of us not graduated in Astronomy. This last discipline, coincidentally, literally means 'naming stars' as opposed to Astrology that means 'knowledge of the stars'.

People talk a lot about the hits and misses of Astrology, as a means to make it loose credibility as a belief system. Remember that nothing is infalible, not even the entelechy we now refer to as Science. We believe what we want to believe, and those who do not believe should at least respect those who do. Gods loose power as they loose believers, and not viceversa.

Sicut supra, ita infra. Sicut extra, ita intra. Sicut mundus, ita anima. Sicut mihi videtur mundus, ita vero est

If you would like to learn more about yourself, read about your own astral chart. There are a million sources out there. It is not simply a matter of feeling better by being told that you are a naturally giving and caring person with a passionate lust for life that often drives you to make judgment mistakes, this is help in the long run. Read into the symbols that shape you, they are universal, they shape all of us, in various proportions and delicious mixes.

We are merely humans, another life form in a Universe bursting life from all corners. A word, a mixture of breath and sound, carrying meaning, can drive us to tears or to exhilaration. Imagine what the sheer magnetic force of a planet one thousand times bigger than the home we live in can do to us. If the moon controls the tides and the growing patterns of plants, how can we presume to be free from its influence? After all, Astrology is conected to the idea of Sacred Geometry, Golden Ratio, Resonance and Vibration, all of these concepts are hard to dismiss so quickly.

We are small beings, we are sentient miracles, we are humans. We hone our own truths.


(Images from Google search: The Astronomical Clock of Prague and Golden Ratio)

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