Buttulhu bobbing up out of the see of sorrow – how I finished my cardigan with Randolph Carters help

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Do you know Randolph Carter? No? He is said to be the author H.P. Lovecrafts alter Ego in his short stories. Carter can dream himself into the Dreamlands, and bizarre, horrific, and deadly alternative reality. Carter although a sensitive and fragile person faces down the creepiest monsters, copes with changing laws of nature and defies a universe not made for man but for incomprehensible alien entities. I am sure buttons originate from the Dreamlands, perhaps they are the eyes of the Old Ones (if you don’t know them – don’t google it before sleeping)


And I am the Randolph Carter of yarn and buttons…. I only sew because I must (meaning I am so greedy wanting more skirts, more jackets, and more more more fitting clothes). I really hate sewing. It damages my fragile mind. Therefore, some of my finishes knitted or crochet cardigans wait months for their completion. Sleeves are left open and buttons are forgotten – I always hope someone else will slay the dragon do the sewing.

01 Design ohne Titel(1).png

But not this time. I victoriously overpowered the temptation to ponder the button decision for weeks – no, I heard you all and followed your lead, my helpful knights, and ladies of the wooly crafts. I have chosen the buttons despite my indecisiveness dangerous alien entities:
The green buttons won :-D
We made the photos at an old train depot built during World War I. Today it is a museum which is connected to a modern railway station. The bridge you see on the photos reaches over the old rails. The train depot is famous for its roundhouse with 14 tracks and an old but fully functional water tower.


Thank you so much for making these great photos @giavellottista (and for enduring my whining about the cold – ok it was really cold and so stormy, I was freezing, all for #needleworkmonday)
Thank you all for helping me decide on the buttons. I love to hear from you and your comments are always so encouraging and helpful (and funny).


I wish you a lovely week and a crafty #needleworkmonday



This green color looks so great with your hair color, but what I like even more is your dreamy skirt @neumannsalva :)

Thank you @jungwatercolor - but it is really my first green garment I made. Normally I am more a pink or teal person (although pink does not harmonize with my hair... but I love pink) I so seldom wear green - you encourage me to change this and make more green clothes.
The skirt is not one, but two skirts and I did not make them. The simple black skirt is the model for my other skirts I sewed. It is a simple half circle skirt made of jersey (but not made by me). The petticoat beneath it was a present from a friend. I think she bought it on 'wish' (till now I haven't tried this app). I love petticoats, but for the photo shoot i used it because it was so cooooolllldddddd :-D

Yes girl, you should wear more green, it looks great on you :)

I try really hard.... but the pink wool seems to win always :-D Because it is snowing again I started a thick sweater.....20180314_083459785_iOS.jpg
shame on me, it's pink again 😁 😉

Hahaha, well, most important is that you love it :) Like someone asks me why so many of my paintings are full with blue color :))))

I knew the green buttons were the right answer! 🎺🥁🎺🥁🎺🥁 So glad Randolph Carter you were able to work it out. Love the style of the cardigan, especially the low neckline and 3/4 sleeves, perfect outfit!

Thank you (and thank you for the decision help) I also like the short wide sleeves, although they do not fit very well beneath a coat.

The green buttons look fab @neimannsalva 😊 I noticed your skirt as well - did you make it?

Thank you so much. I am also happy with the decision. Sadly I did not made the skirt or better skirts (but I would like to be able :-D). I am wearing to skirts: a simple half circle skirt which is easy to make and a second layer which is a petticoat I got as a present from a girlfriend. I have no idea how to such a petticoat ....

Great photos @neumannsalva ! I will now look into Randolph Carter ... sounds very intriguing :)

Thank you but the praise for the photos goes to @giavellottista who had to endure me ... :-D
And the stories of Lovecraft (who invented Randolph Carter) are related to A.E. Poes writing style - only more horror and darker ( https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18941306-the-complete-cthulhu-mythos-tales?from_search=true ). They are normally not my reading choice, but I had to read them for university many years ago. And I recently stumbled about some new novels which use Lovecrafts setting and characters, but transport them into our century (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23848134-carter-lovecraft?from_search=true ) This newer novels are not so creepy as the original.

So cool that you went with the smaller green buttons. I think that was the best choice. Great photo shoot in the finished product! 😊

Thank you for your encouragment, it helps to finishe my work much faster and I am also very happy with the green buttons :-D

Your green cardigan is so off the chain! It complements your skin colour in a totally good way. Thank you Randolf lol!
Also the environment you chose to take the picture is lovely. I feel like I'm enjoying needle work and history in just one episode, really cool. Also I like the buttons you used.

Thank you for the complement :-D And happy you liked the setting, it's not everybodies taste i think, because of its rough charm.

I really like your cardigan. The buttons revive and decorate it. I'm sure you are very comfortable and warm in it :)

Thank you and yes normally this cardigan is warm....but putting of the coat, gloves and cap during the photos shoot was not such a good idea :-D

I'm happy, that you made the choice! The green buttons I like, even though I voted for brown)
I liked the phrase - "someone else can kill the dragon." Haha) I always think so, when I am waiting for unfinished work and I can not find the strength to complete it)))

I think the brown ones would have been also very nice (as I wrote, I liked them very much) and thanks again for helping me decide. And I hear you, unfinished projects can really drain energy. I still have this pink cardigan lying around, with sleeves which must be sewed and half of a button band.
Perhaps we could initiate sometimes "finishing month" :-D

Look at you, freezing for #NeedleWorkMonday LOL! You always get me laughing lady! Hmmm this Randolph guy sounds very interesting!

I am so glad you went with the green buttons, Yay!! The cardigan is so lovely and it turned out so well. I’m glad it didn’t have to wait to get sleeves for too long, great job slaying that dragon! 😄😄

Great pics too!!! I LOVE that you took them by the railway station, they are so fun and unique! You always do great being original and just being your self!!! 😘💕

Thank you again for your decision help and yes sewing and sleeves... sigh (the soft pink cardigan is still unfinished)
Sadly, I need this warm cardigan now, because our weather is completely addled. It changes between 10 degrees minus and plus. One day snow and storm, then sun and spring, very strange. (Right now, snow and storm) And the dragon slaying... you will laugh, but I one time argued so long with my husband, that he resigned and sewed some buttons on a crochet cardigan I had made. I think this is love. :-D
And happy you liked the setting of the photos, because I live in a formerly industrial area which has a rough charm I appreciate, but not everybody likes to see these old remnants of mining, war, and industry.

Absolutely!!! 😉

Wow that is very strange weather! Lol yes that is love!

It does have a rough charm which I like too ;)

I agree! The green buttons were the right choice! They have a nice sheen that really compliments the sweater.

Happy you like them, I am also content with the choice. But I really hope it will get warmer, so I can wear the cardi without a coat :-D

Hilarious post, obviously I googled the Old Ones! I read Lovecraft's stories many years ago and forgot most of them, maybe it's time to grab his books again :)) I love the sweather and I keep my fingers crossed for your sewing and knitting projects. This is a very lovely and heart-warming post, please keep it coming! :)
All the best,

Oh nooooo I hope you did not speak out their names aloud (more than three times) .... ok you see I read too much fantasy books.
I also haven't read something from Lovecraft for years and his stories are normally to dark and creepy for my taste, but I had to read them for university and have friends who like him very much, so I know more about his universe through secondary literature than by reading his books :-D
I recently stumbled across another author who uses Lovecrafts setting, gods and characters, but the books are not so frightening (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23848134-carter-lovecraft?from_search=true ) I do not know if you are in goodreads and if you like fantasy novels....?

I send you hugs from a snowy Germany

I really liked your presentation of your work, it looks very cool. I also liked the skirt, it suits you very much. You have a good sense of humor!

Thank you, the skirt are actually two skirts: one simple half circle skirt made of jersey and a petticoat. The petticoat was a present from a girlfriend and I love it very much :-D
And I think my humor fired up after sitting on the frozen ground 😁 😉 😁 😉

The Jacket really turned out great! Love your pictures and your right up today! if you had used the buttons with the Stars on them then you could mak jokes about the stars aligning... but I believe you chose the right buttons for that jacket.

You know that i have to steal your star joke for my next project???! (ok maybe I will be honest and name you as a source :-DDD)
Happy you like the photos

We are almost like twins today, I have the similar black jersey skirt on, with leggings though (jazz pants really)...but no lace...I am feeling a little lace jealousy :O

I agree with everyone, the greens and blues look stunning on you, they show off your hair beautifully...very well done on the sweater, it came out Perfect!

I have to ask though, what was the thought with the expression in the first photo? hehe, was that you whining about the cold?

No need to be jealous :-D The petticoat is a present from a good friend and I think she bought it online on "wish" (I haven't tried this app till now) I think it is very affordable (you see I am tempting you to buy one :-D)
And thank you for the praise, I so seldom wear green, I don't really know why... After all of your lovely comments I will try to wear it more <3
And the face: yes you are right, it's the "cold face". My husband captured the moment I sat down for the first time on the freezing ground.... not funny (ok, in hindsight it is funny)

That sweater!!!!!!! It is so delicious and beautiful that I want to have it. Ha ha haaa! You made the right decision on the buttons, even though I voted for the other ones. LOL. Great job, as always. Happy #NeedleworkMonday to you, my dear!

Thank you so much!!! If you would live nearer I would propose a knitting meet up, because I am thinking of making another one of this cardigan (I need someone to invent beaming - fast)

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Thanks neumannsalva!

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