Happy Belated Canada Day! Sorry for the Lack of Activity Lately..

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Oh Canada  

Our Home Frozen and Grand 
Truly Insane Canucks 
Barren Our Field of Fucks

While Smoking Darts
We Slay All Arts
And Troll the World with Ease

Then After That, Back Bacon Slabs
Get Drunk, Paint Snow with Pee

God Grow Our Weed
Dank Bomb Shit, No Seed
Ski to Parliament Hill
Smoke a Joint, Fire Trudeau that Shill

Free Resilient Beings
Half the Year Grows No Green
We Really Don't Care
Make Your Women Moist

Ride a Moose Without Fear!

(Sung to the tune of the Canadian national anthem)

Happy (belated/late) Canada day to all my fellow Canuck STEEM network dwellers, hopefully your festivities were enjoyable, fufilling and full of fun and or maple syrup.

It's been a long month over the June just passed, I've yet to settle into a new place and setup my office to resume my work.. certainly missing my online friends and working on code. Admittedly I've been a bit down and seemingly engulfed or overwhelmed since losing my place a month ago, but also coming to terms with the fact that shit happens and I shouldn't allow foul past circumstances colour my future ambition poorly.

Quite glad to hop online and let my STEEM family know I'm not a cadaver..! Still alive folks, albiet it not flourishing or reaching the potential within.. in due time.

I've not abandoned my life here on Steemit nor those who have supported me. Simply at a point in life where I must refocus and resettle after what feels like an eternity of floating without roots.

Will hopefully get settled in a new home soon. Thanks again to my following for making me feel like I'm something great..



Cheers All!

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Oh Canada
Our Home Frozen and Grand
Truly Insane Canucks
Barren Our Field of Fucks

Beautiful 😢

"Thanks again to my following for making me feel like I'm something great"
You're something great, my Kyle.
Never doubt that, not even for a minute.
I still remember the day you came into my life, to interrupt all the daily stuff that was in it,, you changed it completely, with you in my life I feel happier, because you are by my side, and you have arrived to stay, and that's why I'll always take care of you, because you're too important to me.

Welcome back...hope you find a new home and settle down soon. Happy Canada day to you and all other Canadians- enjoy the fireworks and other festivities :)

Happy canada day and have good day.

Happy Canada day, glad you are back...always enjoy your artwork...

all of us who are drifting eventually find something amazing to grab onto. the thing i've learned most this year is to have patience. it's seemingly so trite, but it helped my 24 hour days feel less like lifetimes. much love & comfort being sent your way! 😙💚

Love the lyrics! It brought a tear to the eye of even this old Nova Scotian separatist. 😎

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Proof of life! Have a wonderful Canada Day and welcome back. May you find that maple syrup you are searching for in those walls!

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Happy Belated Canada Day!

God Grow Our Weed
Dank Bomb Shit, No Seed
Ski to Parliament Hill
Smoke a Joint, Fire Trudeau that Shill..!!

Yes Klye I like it!