Hall of FAIL - @Klye and his Hypocrisy

in #klye7 years ago (edited)


Notice he wrote "Treat People With Respect if You Expect Them to Show You The Same Common Courtesy..."

But let's look at how this interaction started:

1- I posted a link to a thread where I give away Bitcoin Cash tips so people can see how cheap and easy it is to send. It was related to the content of his post about high Segwit fees.

2- Klye accuses me of spamming him and threatens me to "knock it off or risk getting flagged"

3- I tell him "to grow up". No one has dictatorial control of the comment section and no one should be able to threaten people to remove a comment they don't like.

4- Klye responds with profanity and more threats, which he then proceeded to carry out.


Sounds like someone's got exactly what they deserved.

So let me get this straight... I ask you not to post links in my comments nicely... You do it anyways.. And I'm the one disrespecting you?

lol, go take a walk and come back when you stop thinking that I'm out to get you.. I asked you multiple times for a show of understanding that your actions weren't welcome but you'd rather further slander me and cry wolf.

Good luck with your obvious lack of being able to perceive reality.

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