KIVA International Woman’s Day campaign update

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Last week I posted a KIVA loan International Woman’s Day campaign and repayment update and followed with New KIVA Loan for International Woman’s Day.

I received an email from KiVA today reporting that they had smashed their initial goal of 10,000 loans to woman in the week of International Woman’s Day and had had achieved 13,251 loans to woman in 62 countries supported by 51,595 lenders.


I am so proud that we have made our small contribution to KIVA smashing their goal and supporting the life changing goals of so many woman.

Kiva gives you the opportunity to make small loans to people around the world who are working to start a business and improve their lives.

I’m a Kiva lender and I invite you to join me!

Join KIVA by clicking here and it’d be great if you add your loan to Team STEEM

Make a loan and change a life today!

07472CFD-830F-4381-8C78-49A54D48D26A.png Thanks @bearone for the teamaustralia banner

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Good for them. Hopefully the loans allow people who just needed a little boost to be able to get ahead ans start something great! I didn't know there was a Team Steem Kiva group. If I have any more loans come up, I'll look into putting them there. I don't remember when they come back though.


Each loan has a repayment schedule and you get the repayment back into your KIVA account to allow you to relend.


I'll have to check when they're scheduled to give it back. I think it was a year ago, so they probably defaulted again if I haven't gotten an email. I'll have to track down the password and find out. Thanks for the reminder.

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