[PHOTO] Finding colourful Fiber Art in a Prison Cell

in killerpix •  5 months ago

There are so many art forms in the world, it's fun to shine some light on a few lesser known art forms. This week's @killerwhale's #killerpix contest's theme is 'Fiber Art'. Apparently there's even a @fiberartists community present on Steemit!

According to Wikipedia, fiber art:

[...] refers to fine art whose material consists of natural or synthetic fiber and other components, such as fabric or yarn. It focuses on the materials and on the manual labour on the part of the artist as part of the works' significance, and prioritizes aesthetic value over utility.

People like to make fiber art from the comfort of their homes, but I've been lucky enough to see some art works from fiber artists in a place I'd have expected it the least. A few empty cells in the Patarei Prison I visited in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2014 were decorated by Fiber Artists. At least 10 of these cells were decorated with coloured thread to brighten up the cement and steel environment a bit :-)


I'd like to refer you to this post to see the actual corridor in which I found these cells, it will give you a good feel of the place. Cement and steel and coloured thread: as a visual artist I felt like walking in a candy shop!

Have some photos of Fiber Art yourself?! Consider entering them in the Killerpix Contest! I noticed there are barely any entries, is this artform still something very unknown to many?

All photography on steemit.com/@soyrosa is created and edited by me, Rosanne Dubbeld, 2005-2018. Contact me if you want to discuss licensing or collaborations on creative projects :-)

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I never experienced fiber art but it seems so cool to see, i am gonna check for more info about it!


I hope it inspires you to create something! :-)

This is pretty cool! There's a friend of us just exhibiting fiber art in a cafe in our neighborhood, as you can see here in the background of the left image:


I guess it's a very meditating process of creating art...


Yes! I can totally imagine how this would calm the mind... I like the style of your friend! Minimalistic and with use of wood, it's a winner :-)

I think that everything that is created with our hands can be called art, often it is an expression of the emotions we feel or a way to release frustrations. I love this kind of art. I loved your post, very complete and with a good photograph. Greetings.


Art is such a great form of therapy! I agree with you. Feel good? Make art. Feel bad? Make art.

And thanks for the nice words on my post!

That’s a beautiful shot. I love the juxtaposition of the rusty yard with the delicate and bright threads


Yes, the 'brutal' environment makes the subtlety of the threads stand out even more! :-) Thanks @princessmewmew! :D

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Great picture and even more awesome that the person/ people in the cells brought beauty to their surroundings with this type of art.


Thanks a lot @sjarvie5! :-)

Very cool photo! I love the colors. Against the cement wall. The leading lines of the thread leading to the rusted steel. Amazing! Okay not going to lie if I was there I would have try strumming those strings to see if it made music lol. Wouldn't that be cool if those colored strings were like harp wires and you could play it as well? like it served a dual purpose, are and music. haha :)


Whahaha! I understand what you're saying @mrchef111! I didn't dare touching the threads since I was afraid of ruining it, but I do recognize the urge :')


lol yes I don't think I would have actually done it, lol I would have been afraid to ruin it as well! lol :) But what a cool instrument it would be! lol

WOW this is perfect!

Very interesting find! I love how it colors up the environment.

Beautiful photography, a whole work of art. Regards @soyrosa