📣Final Call for KillerPix Week 37!📷

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Final Call!!

Hey all you fanatastic photo fanatics! This week's theme is **CATERPILLARS** and you have one more day for you to enter your pictures! Click or tap here to get your entry in! We have seen some sweet creepy crawlies so far, where is yours?

Prize Pool

@killerwhale continues to be @enginewitty's donation account. It's one of the ways he has designed to give back to the community. Before I tell you what the prizes will be, I wanted to thank everyone that has been supportive thus far and helped keep these contests self-sustaining. You are all very much appreciated! @killerwhale loves photos, so he will vote on and resteem the 3 place winners plus:

1st Place: 10 SBD

2nd Place: 7 SBD

3rd Place: 3 SBD

Before you go, @juliank, @bluefinstudios
@axeman, @derekkind, @claudiaz, @rimicane
are cordially inviting you to
check out more @photocontests and
join us on Discord!


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Like My Contests??

Vote my trainer @enginewitty as WITNESS!

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Hi, I'm new, and I want to participate ... what is it about? regards


Each week, @killerwhale posts the winners for the previous week's contest. At the same time, Killerwhale announces the new theme. Last week, the contest was Caterpillar.

Follow @killerwhale and any day now, he will announce the Caterpillars winning photo, and then, also announce the new contest. Follow the rules in the post, take a new picture and make a post. Maybe you will win the new contest?

Good luck, and looking forward to seeing your pictures soon.

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