My Bee shot for the KillerPix Contest #38 — Steemit

My Bee shot for the KillerPix Contest #38

in killerpix •  6 months ago

An inch away and didn't get stung

This is my little bee buddy. After I got my extension tubes for my macro lens I went outside to go test it out to my front yard and I had a blast shooting with it. It was pretty tough shooting this bee though because it was moving so fast and flying from flower to flower. When you are using extension tubes on something that moves, you can pretty much forget about trying to use auto focus, so it is quite a challenge to nail the focus with such a limited depth of field.

Anyways, I hope you like seeing my little bee buddy up close and personal and seeing all the pollen that is on the top of a dandelion.

Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

SettingsISO 800 100 mm f/7.1 1/320
CameraCanon 5D Mark IV
LensCanon 100mm Macro f2.8 with Extension Tube

This is my entry in the #killerpix contest hosted by @killerwhale.


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Wonderful shot!🌹

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This is a great shot! The bee is busy, head first into the nectar and having part of the bee slightly out of focus really reflects that moment.

See now look at that... I don't know what you're on about!!! And you got a side view... you said a while back you only ever get their butts! :D

@derangedvisions fantastic shot and such a great action shot at that! Well done brother!!