KillerPix Contest #35 - Sand

in killerpix •  8 months ago

The KillerPix Theme for this week is SAND so here is my entry for this weeks contest. This was photo was taken on a quiet beach we came across whilst taking a drive up the coast.


photo by @claudiaz
dark blue.jpg

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Oh wow! You know, pictures like this make me ask, who's boat is this, why did they leave it there? Was there a storm and it washed up?
Lovely shot. :)


I wonder the same thing every time I look at the photo!


Maybe the registration number might help? :) After seeing this, the same questions going through Squishysdudes head are now spooking my

Funny thing, the subject is sand and we will end up locating the owner to tell the story :)


maybe, who knows

Next try to isolate the ship only on the beach so that the edge of the ship does not collide with the horizon. It would be helped to get a little higher with the camera.


thanks for the feedback always welcome, I see what you mean!

Another beautiful photograph @claudiaz! 😁

Very beautiful @claudiaz.
The clear blue sky and white sandy beach, perfect combinations!