Keep the link contest #7 by @ijmmai

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Here is my entry photo in relation to the photo of the week:

Entry: “Watch”


Before I explain why, here’s the photo of the week:

  • a cellphone
  • plastic card
  • a coin


Linking my entry to the photo given:

  • the strap of my watch is made of plastic & the color is white, just like the plastic card. It may not be a Prada but it also came with a brand.

  • a coin is obviously a circle, so it was easy for me to link it to the shape of the watch.

  • and lastly, “A watch tells us time” —composed of digits/numbers, in relation to the given photo the cellphone has a keypad consisting of letters and numbers.

For more information about the contest visit this link below:

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Thanks for participating. Great entry!

Thank you 😊