Keep the Link contest #7 - Entry

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afbeelding.pngKeep the Link Contest is interesting. I think it's very creative and it requires a little out of the box thinking, which I like.
A picture is posted that contains 3 objects and you have to find ONE object that has a relation with ALL THREE objects. The relation can be color, usage, shape, material, weight and so on.This is the original image with 3 objects.vs6s0veinc.png

Here is my contest entry for #keepthelink hosted by @ijmmai.


This is my TV remote.

How it is Linked

Cell PhoneFunctionThey both contain push buttons, and more specifically, a numbers keypad
Prada CardMaterialThey are both made of plastic
CoinShape and ImageThe LG logo shares the same shape and it's also an abstract image of a head/face


If you are looking for a fun challenge, you can find the contest here.

Thanks for checking it out. Wish me luck in the contest. :)


Thanks for participating. Great thinking!

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lol That's awesome.
Great use of a remote control :D

Thanks :)

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