KARMA already have bad karma, Dallas Rushing @dallasrushing very untrustworthy. (Review of the first KARMA competition)

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*Dallas Rushing is very untrustworthy, not going to "collaborate" with him for a good period of time, might in the future, because I think the KARMA project is one of the most interesting in the whole crypto currency space.

Here is what happened:

So I joined the KARMA contest, the first 2 submissions got paid after nasty discussion with Dallas Rushing and Matt in the Telegram chat, and 4 personal attacks by anonymous people from the KARMA community. (I was told, you are an idiot, you are garbage and you are weird)

I deleted the two first submissions from my phone, since I thought the videos would be uploaded to the KARMA social media, since that is what Dallas Rushing say in the video where the contest is presented, but after repeatedly asking where the videos was uploaded to, I never got an answer.

*I am telling her that EOS is the best blockchain, again a good deed, that I do all the time for free.

3th submission was paid for.

*I am telling this random clerk at H&M that EOS is the best blockchain, the conversation happens outside of the video, but it is clear that he get access to my Steem blog where there is a post about KARMA recently.

4th submission never paid and no explanation.

*I am illustrating how I spread the word of EOS and KARMA for free and tell that I do this in the bus, the streets and in cafe's.

5th submission never paid and no explanation.

*This man almost always sit in the street, I think he is lonely that is why I give him a beer to make him more happy. He hold my food while I buy the beer.

6th submission never paid and no explanation.

*Telling the restaurant owner about KARMA and he put up the flyers in his restaurant.

7th submission never paid and lost access to the TELEGRAM group with no explanation.

In conclusion

The KARMA contest was a completely untrustworthy set up, no real answers.

I still think the project long term most likely will turn into a massive success, but to put your name to a project like this very early is extremely risky.

Lasse Ehlers

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Completely ridiculous.

On the first day of the contest, you submitted your videos and within 2 hours, you were complaining that you were scammed because you weren't sent the KARMA yet. You showed your true intentions early on.

You were then payed for your submissions.

I pm'd you to explain that you need to be a little more patient then a couple hours and that you would get KARMA for every submission that qualified.

You then proceeded to spastically write me 43 messages in a row. That's ridiculous and is hard to want to respond to.

After that you submitted a video doing a "good deed" in which you complained the entire video about how a random person treated you bad in response to your complaints about not being paid instantly. That's a ridiculous submission for this contest and does not qualify.

Then you submitted more videos and began to become toxic inside of the KARMA telegram group again. Dozens of people in the community complained about your behavior and asked an admin of the group to ban you for several reasons. After several requests and your behavior, the admin member decided to remove you from the group.


I do not agree on this, but I wont argue about it.

I like the idea of the KARMA project but the implementation of that contest was not trustworthy to me.