Karaoke Mania challenge 1000 songs 5 sbd 45 days challenge

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Highly anticipated!
Broadly inclined!
From far far away and every corner of the planet
Electrified good thrill on live I TALK 247 MIC LIVE TALK AND KARAOKE MANIA CHANNEL.


Finally it is here in your town, join and sing with us.

Karaoke challenge

1000 songs 5 sbd when you have 1000 songs performed
This challenge is accumulative for 45 days


-sing 1000 songs accumulated
-join discord live channel with karaoke voice channel
-join I TALK RADIO CHANNEL 247 on KARAOKE discord VOICE channel
-share this link and invitation
-invite all your friends to vote and support for you
-keep track of song titles and number of songs daily when you join for that day
-post number of songs that day and accumulative total number of songs from today
-resteem this post
-follow me on steemit so you have quick updates
-use tag #karaokemania
-make post daily when you sing that day with all titles of the songs for that day

3 members will win this reward in next 45 days.
Daily random rewards are always good reason to join us.
Rewards will be paid while supply last, I will make final decision . Rules can change daily for new participants.

Join Karaoke Mania and invite all your friends to joins us at karaoke channel



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Wow I love it, I love it, other than I'm very good, obviously I say yes, I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with my friends

I think you are smart man and creative steemian. I am be happy look it


we all create this mission and join to celebrate all happy moments we can get


Always good positive energy


And keep up with positive energy

I like their ideas when making a contest, as it is also very good that through these contests people can earn a little and above all have fun.


That is correct fun and social interaction together

You are doing great job, that is amazing work how I'm going to benefit here

guao @flysky que bueno hermano lo que me fascina acaba de caerme como anillo al dedo cuando comienza



Join anytime

Invite all friends to join

Excellent initiative, I would like to participate as I always do in the steemshool channel. Thanks for sharing

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My friend , you always have an excellent idea to increase our motivation, but with this, you rocks !!!! Thanks for all your support, let´s sing till our voices are heard around the whoooole world !!!!

Excelente iniciativa

Excelente iniciativa