Supernova MEGA STEEM STAR 20 SBD CHALLENGE KARAOKE CLASS Register during this week, Melody , Music Lovers

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NEXT SATURDAY june 9 th 7 pm UTC +2


Sing two songs at karaoke concert live channel

join live karaoke class

only people in class can vote

one winner

Invite all your friends to join and vote

One person -singer will win 20 sbd

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The challenge of life is a process to reach the peak of success.


What do we think of self-change?

Change of self begins with a life challenge, positive things a reference that is able to change everything. Music is an art in human life, it will look how the journey was enjoyed.

Does the song give you tremendous power?

Singing is the sound of a person's hearts poured in a song that gives a great power, togetherness is created with various challenges.

Supernova MEGA STEEM STAR a process in the journey of life to be great.

seems interesting


join and invite all your friends

Espero poder estar!! Ese dia me toca ir a la iglesia!! Dios te bendiga! // I hope I can be there! That day it's my turn to go to church! God bless you!