🏁Last Chance🏁 To 🍒Enter🍒 The🎤Karaoke Contest Week 38! 20 SBD Up For Grabs!🎶

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Upon seeing this, know that you only have but a short day left to get your entry in for the #karaokecontest this week. If you have already entered, get your friends to vote your comment post in the thread so you can win the popular vote! We have several good entries so far this week! We have also recently opened up a new channel on discord for everyone, the link is at the bottom of this post :) To enter the contest, click or tap here. Once you see the 'CONTESTANTS' post tomorrow, no more entries will be accepted.

Be sure to check out the open mic entries this week hosted by @luzcypher! Support your favorite artists and see who won last week by stopping in and showing them some love! They are in week 83 and have been a mind-blowing force in the progress of the musical community here! Don't forget to visit @donatello and get your dance on! The 39th weekly contest is underway! Be sure to stop in and see about @simgirlandsnook's Bad Karaoke :P Also, join the SMA Discord channel for many other musical contests!

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