Was Kanye West Bullied As A Kid? Does it Explain His Sellout Behavior??

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Kanye, in one of his TMZ rants lately said something Revealing. "I won't be bullied no more" .............

I was listening to Tariq, and he pointed that out; it's everything; Kanye, was bullied as a kid; he was a black nerd; and black nerds are not always 'given a black card' so to speak; lots of black nerds get made fun of as kids; and some grow up to Resent the black community; sadly, a lot of "Black Gamers" fall into 'networks' with what tends to be a very anti-black society, within the gaming community; Nerds, in general, don't seem to hang around alot of black people; #SiliconValley has been in the news for years now, for it's lack of diversity -- which is odd -- given that there ARE black nerds in the world.

Tis the plight of the black nerd; rejected from all communities it would seem; Until 'some' of them decide to just, go full coon; They say forget all these blacks; I'm not siding with them! They never sided with me! This is where a lot of black police come from; these blacks who were 'bullied' as kids, and when they grow up all they want deep down, is revenge.

So, here's Kanye - who 'finally' starts to get the love he never got when his music career takes off; and yet the entire time he felt like he wasn't fully being accepted, or respected; It's been a downward spiral; and now that's he's 'made it' - has a mostly white family now; 'now' he feels like he can REALLY let it all out.

"The biggest gangsters were bullied as kids" - Tariq Nasheed

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