Chengde Kangxi Drinking Horse Station, a brand new dam on the grassland never sleeps

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It’s just awkward to hear about Kangxi’s drinking horse station for the first time. Is this awkward place? How could such a strange name come out, and later I learned that this is the key project of the National No. 1 Scenic Road planned in the third brigade conference in Hebei Province. Why is it called Kangxi Yinmao Station? It was because Kangxi’s old man was in the West. After passing through this place, I am drinking a horse here, hence the name.

The Kangxi Yinmao Station covers an area of ​​3.9 hectares. A “back” shaped pedestrian street connects 24 themed courtyards. It is a commercial district with dining, homestay, retail and entertainment.

Kangxi is a theme restaurant in Kangxi Yinmao Station. There are more than ten restaurants in large and small restaurants. Whether you like rice or pasta, you can satisfy it.

Kangxi Opera House in Kangxi Station, as the name suggests, is a place for performances. Every night, there will be many performances, such as magic, acrobatics, national dance, singing, and essays.

The young lady who is responsible for explaining to us is also a beautiful woman. Her temper is very good. The explanation is also very detailed. Do you feel that you can play with good-looking people and your mood will be much better?

This is an entertainment experience project in the scenic area. The lecturer Miss Sister said that sitting on it can feel the scene of Kangxi Laozi hunter, but at the time the entertainment project was not open yet, so I regret not sitting on it.

In addition to eating and living in Kangxi Station, of course, you have to go shopping to buy things. This is one of the shops. The things inside are designed by the designers. With reference to the image of Kangxi’s father, many things are small and chic, clothes and bookmarks. Postcards are very popular among tourists.

Fortunately, we went to play that day, just the opening ceremony of Kangxi Yinmao Station, so it is a great honor to be the first group of tourists. The opening ceremony is also very exciting. The lion dance performance is very lively. I have not seen the dance for many years. The lion show opened my eyes.

In addition to the wonderful lion dance performances, other actors are also very hard to perform, such as the perfect combination of drummers and dancers, both soft and soft, with a hint of silence.

Of course, the opening ceremony etiquette Miss Sister is also a beautiful landscape, taking a picture from the back, personal feeling is still very beautiful.

In Chengde Kangxi Station, in addition to eating in the restaurant, there are many snacks worth experiencing. Because it is a place for ethnic Mongolians, it is indispensable for all kinds of milk tablets and beef jerky. The tourists who love to eat are afraid of it.

It is eating and drinking at Kangxi Yinmao Station during the daytime. The night scene at night is even more colorful. Walking in the Kangxi drinking horse stable station, the Buddha is placed in the palace. The big red building and the red lanterns form a harmonious atmosphere. Scene.

The red lanterns are hung high, and the blessings on the lanterns express their best wishes to the tourists. Taking a mobile phone at night is a nice picture.

The restaurant at night has faded away from the noise of the day, and the mysterious and tall in the light, the royal temperament is very intuitive.

If you have nothing to do at night, just walk around and feel the night view of the grassland on the dam. Feel a brand new night city. Although you can't feed the wood to see the world, you can at least give yourself a vacation.

I like a person to wander around in a beautiful night scene. Although the buildings here are all new, they do not affect the mood of watching the night scene. A person is free to walk freely and carefree.

If you are tired, you can come to the Jiangnan Opera House to see the performance. There will be performances every Saturday and Sunday, lasting about two hours, and the most important thing is free.

Acrobatic performances are rare. It is still very lucky to see acrobatic performances now. How long have you not seen this kind of acrobatics?

If you are very lucky, you can still see the fireworks show. It is basically invisible to us living in Beijing, but we can see it in the depths of the grassland.

When you come to a place to travel, besides the beautiful scenery, it is essential to eat and drink. This dish is a local speciality. It is not a mountain but has the taste of hawthorn. It is very helpful for digestion.

The chickens in the mountains are stewed with mushrooms, and the tomatoes are stewed with peas. The taste is great. The restaurant owner told us that these dishes are not visible outside, and they are purely local.

At the Kangxi Yinmao Station, not only can you eat, drink and have fun in the city, but the Xiaolonghe Wetland Park outside the city is worth visiting. The scenery is super beautiful. Because the squid is rich in the favor of the Qing emperors, Kangxi once praised his "like a sly and delicious taste."

There are large sunflowers in the wetland park. They face the sun. It seems to be smiling with tourists. It is still very beautiful to go in and take a photo.

When you look at the scenery on the observation deck, you know what it is called blue sky and white clouds, green grass and green water. It feels like you are embracing nature, and the breeze blows, the grass fragrance is enough to make people fascinated.

Photographed a photo of a friend of the same family, very cute, very naive, just like this pure nature.

We took a photo together in front of the windmill and seemed to return to childhood as a child, to be a child without trouble.

Photographed with a group of friends, it looks very cool, mainly because the scenery here is beautiful, so there is no need to retouch.

At the end, we took a photo of our little friend. The trip to Chengde Kangxi Drinking Horse Stables is completely over. There are many things to say, but one and a half will definitely say no, Kangxi Yinmao Station is day or night. It is very worthwhile to play, and there is a full of cultural culture in all parts of the world. No matter the men, women and children, there are always a variety of cultural experience shops. Next to the Xiaohe River Wetland Park is super beautiful, and weekend entertainment is no better.

In short, whether you are a Buddhist girl or an urban wild cat, there is always a world in you at Kangxi Yinmao Station. Xi Jing can go to the Tibetan meditation, feel the time is quiet, no time to fight. You can go to the "Jaksa" bar with a wonderful music and enjoy a drink. You can enjoy your menu with Manzhou Baqi Restaurant. You can stay at the high-end B&B Inn, Kangxi Drinking Horse Station. Surprise is in the next moment, waiting for you to discover. .

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