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Kala coin and other crypto currencies can go up and down. Buzzirk offers no guarantees on any crypto coins..Always consult the experts,. Now, in my opinion the Nui Mintage mining gigahash plan offers a brilliant way to mine cryptocurrency. AMAZING folks can start as a free crypto coin collector..!
People can now sign up for Nui FREE & do CORE activities to earn CORE points ! Compensation on real effort ) not to mention Nui education.... Those who are not interested in Core activities,Watch the video just further down.

Members can covert CORE points into Kala (For every 2 points they will receive 1 Kala for now) *this can change
Very soon, members can use the converted Kala earned via Core & purchase Gigahash Agreements with Kala. We can continue receiving Kala monthly buy paying the fee. *watch Keystone dudes video for more info..

This plan can help a member receive Kala at a penny or less depending on their gigahash agreement . *at this point in time-- price is subject to change! -

Realize that folks will also be able to utilize Kala to launch our agreements and memberships ! via Core ^^ opinion the more use case the better^*^ #Reach to the Nui Social members ! #utilization

Pay our monthly fee and we can continue receiving Kala (Here is where this becomes amazing) - Once Kala goes to external exchange or exchanges,. * see Kala whitepaper ! Kala is on Kala listings already. Snag a free wallet now !

When Kala is on external exchanges . We can then sell Kala for Bitcoin .Buy any of the 2000 plus coins on the market,. Also folks can purchase other mining agreements for any of the additional 9 cryptocurrencies .BUZZIRK LIKEZ THE MINING WAY TO COLLECT ,..Now, Crypto coins are hand selected by our experts. Watch the Keystone leaders!

Buzzirk has waited for this Core to Kala day. It was a time that seemed forever.. THAT DAY HAS CAME !!!!! We shall be back to Steemit blog on Core to Kala coin to Reach review .....


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