Kai Lenny Getting ready for the 2017 Pe'ahi Challenge - Jaws Maui 10-25-17

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Wednesday the surf was up, I was invited to Jaws by my friends @mattandcristina to check out the waves, and I am sure glad I went because it was a day of surf I will never forget!


Photography by Nick Thompson

We got an early start that morning, drank some coffee and left a little after 7:00 A.M. The waves were huge, however it was so rainy and foggy that morning we could not even see the swells from Upcountry. We left in Matt's truck, our first stop was Ho’okipa Beach Park. We saw the morning swells for the first time that day from from the Pavilions. It was still raining, Cristina thought she saw someone out, but it was just a log! The surf was definitely closed out, with some barrels, but it was a dreary looking morning to say the least. Little did we know that out luck, and the weather, was about to change for the better!

It was a long and windy, muddy road to Jaws that morning, & it was so much fun! We tried to live stream on Instagram, but the one bar available was not enough. When we finally arrived to at Pe'ahi the parking lot was empty, however image when we peered over the cliff we saw something amazing. It was Kai Lenny practicing for the 2017 Pe'ahi Challenge, which is going on right now! Check out the live stream here:

I launched my drone and got some video before we headed down to see if we could make it into the water for some body boarding. Kai was the only guy out that morning. We only found out it was him after Matt Holton paddled out there with my Go-Pro Helmet Cam! It was Matt’s first time out there, I heard the details about it first hand, it was quite the ordeal! I tried to get out myself, but my fins stretched out and would not stay on, so I guess I will try it again next time.

It was a really fun day at Pe'ahi Jaws, check out the video below:

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It is good to take pleasure in the sea at morning time. Staying with the waves is quite fun.

Great work @honusurf... Very nice video of surfing on the huge waves. Climate is very better for sea surfing i seen it from this video. Thank you for sharing interesting hobby.


Thank you very much!

Get ready for the challenge. Oh.. let start @honusurf. I think its maybe impossible but will enjoy probably. Its wonderful video posting. Our country has good surf area. i tried lot. But i failed lot.
Thank you for share.

nice post sir

Wow that's amazing! In my area (near to coastal) I saw a lot of waves but never see such huge waves in here :O That's amazing! And you made a great video about surfing!


Ah! I felt like I myself was surfing, you made me dream all the time while reading your post and watching video, incredibly good experience while watching video (I watched it twice).

May be it's a co-incident, few hrs back I watched Blue Crush movie, it's about surfing, I watched the whole movie in one go.

Thank you, thank you much, your post made me feel so good. BTW which GoPro camera you've?


Thanks, it is the Go-Pro Black Hero 4.


Anytime most welcome.
Thanks for letting me Go-Pro camera name, appreciate that.

If you get a change, keep sharing new surfing videos, I'm looking forward to see more. BTW You make video very well.

Looking awesome surfing i saw you from video, its nice one with huge sea waves on surf boards. Wonderful effort to try your best. Magnificent article, when i`m interest of boat surfing.
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Congratulations @honusurf
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Wow ...wonderful work by @honusurf
Specialy I realy like surf.. and realy like your all posts...
Surf is my dream...I think it is awesome feeling my life...

excellent video of surfing & impressive work @honusurf


Some passion are pretty great and amazing that is indeed great video by the way .

@honusurf - Oh my goodness, Sir you surfed with huge waves.... Fantastic video Sir... To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Wow, your good at this steemit stuff. I am scared to go to jaws even if it is a 30 minute drive from my house. Big waves, zero forgiveness. Did you go out that day?

Wow that's amazing... @honusurf... Very nice video

nice @honusurf upvote and resteem


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