Simeone apologizes for ball snatching signal after Atletico beat Juventus

in juventus •  5 months ago 

Atletico Madrid mentor Diego Simeone has said sorry for the signal he made while praising his side's success over Juventus in midweek.


Atletico upset the odds in the principal leg of their Champions League round of 16 tie against the Italian goliaths by recording a 2-0 win in the Spanish capital.

Simeone celebrated the success by getting his balls, which he explained at the time signified the "balls" his side had appeared to win such an extreme amusement.


In any case, there has been a ton of aftermath to the motion and the Atletico mentor has apologized.

"I am sorry to the general population that were offended by my signal a few days ago - and to Juventus," Simeone said in a question and answer session.

"It was a bad method to express what I felt about my players' [performance]. I trust we can close the issue now."

After the Juve diversion, Simeone had said: "It implied that we have balls. A great deal of balls. I [made the gesture] before when I was a player. Putting in Costa and Koke following a month out... they had to have balls and they did."

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