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My day 35 of the challenge of 7 push-ups in 77 days I promote myself on Twitter and Steemit (Day 35/77). A different day filled with life, in contact with nature. #JustPushIt #seven77 #steem #share2steem #palnet #steemtweets #actifit @NathanMars7
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Giving what the body asks,
With each free time,
I call the entire steemit community,
Exercise for 77 days.

Hope is never lost"

Leonardo Blanco

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Great! your five weeks will motivate us to keep push the Steem.
As a #seven77 family member we believe that steem price will get the top.

Great job with your #seven77 push-ups. And you did it outdoors. The background view of nature was nice. . Congrats completing day 35. Have a great day.

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