Rahm Emanuel, Chicago's Top Cop Slam Dropped Smollett Charges As "Whitewash Of Justice"

in #justice3 years ago

The State of Illinois filed a motion to dismiss all charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett. A judge signed off on the motion which was promptly sealed.

Last month a Grand Jury indicted him on 16 counts stemming from an attack dubbed a race crime. He was charged with creating the hoax which led to the charges.

Response to the ruling, especially from law enforcement, was loud and direct. Even Rahm Emanual voiced his displeasure at what took place.


Corruption in Crook County Illinois? Color me shocked! I reckon with more digging and dissemination of this story, enough pressure will be brought to bear to compel disclosure of the vectors of that corruption, who will need to offer up Smollet to protect themselves or pay the price.

I'm looking hard at Harris and Booker, who seemed to have hands deep in this mess.



whitewashed like all of Rep Omar's tweets on the subject!

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