Sometimes there is no justice

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The last few days have been pretty depressing.

As some of you may know my 7 year old son was killed by his mother March 2013.

She was finally found guilty and sentenced to 3 years in January 2018. Yes almost 5 years later.

Since then she has been on over 30 day passes from prison and she has now gotten parole.

Yes, I am serious. She went straight to a minimum security federal prison and barely spent any time there.

She has gotten away with murder, literally. And now she is coming back or has already come back to the city I live in.

So not only have I given up my life in Ontario and my business, in order to move here for her trial, which they never called me for. I now have to move to another city in another province, destroying the friendships and business relationships I have built up here in Calgary over the last 2.5 years. I have zero choice because I CANNOT live in the same city as her. It would not end well for either of us.

Losing my son, for no reason, has been THE hardest and worst thing to ever happen to me. The last 5.5 years has been the longest and worst time of my life. But to watch what has now happened and what is about to happen, I can't do it. I have to leave. This woman is NOT remorseful AT ALL even though she claims to now be on some sort of spiritual journey. Ya, a spiritual journey that will end with you on a book tour with your dad as your manager. I have to make sure I cannot go and get a book signed.

So I have decided to move once again. I need closer. I need piece of mind. I have to heal. I apologize for venting on here but I have nobody I can talk too about this.

RIP Ryan Alexander Jerome......I will love and miss you forever

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