UN Torture Expert: Assange Showing Symptoms Of "Intense Psychological Trauma"

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Julian Assange is not fit to stand trial. Thus he should not be brought to the United States for a political trial.

This according to the psychiatrist from the U.N. who met with Assange along with two other doctors.

It is evident that Assange underwent 'intense psychological trauma" while in the British prison.

The UN torture expert had this to say:

"Mr. Assange has been deliberately exposed, for a period of several years, to progressively severe forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the cumulative effects of which can only be described as psychological torture,"

It is also his opinion that the United States will politicize the trial to "make an example out of him". It wants to deter anyone else from engaging in this behavior.

Many feel this is an attack on journalism and freedom. If journalists cannot reveal the misdeeds of governments, then who will?

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This is so sad. I wonder why this isn't getting more human rights and legal activism attention in the U.S.

Because they own the game?

Activism is not going to make this happen.

Organization and things like Bitcoin/Steem change the world.

First they came for Assange, tomorrow they will come for us.

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Indeed, this is an attack on journalism. I pity him. He was just out there to expose the truth.