JUICE FEAST : How to + My journey to super human health

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This is my first time so if you have advice or experience to share with me I am grateful to hear it! Started a juice feast yesterday! Day one is complete. Had about 2 litres of juice plus water, am already feeling many effects of the detox.

My cuddle buddy Tofu offers encouragement!


For over 20 years I was on a sub-standard diet filled with animal products, and lots of chocolate, candy and junk foods. My body and health paid the price as I had horrible warning grossness constipation, so bad that I would often be bleeding out the ass. Not to mention really bad stomach pain after some meals. I had been eating this way for so long that to me it had become normal.


After going vegan this all started to change. My digestion started getting better. I haven't been constipated for 4 years now, woot! But I know there is damage to my gut that still hasn't healed, when I eat processed food or junk food it's very irritating. I know my body deserves better. So I'm testing out this juice feasting business and want to share my results. I have IBS and think that I can heal my body with food, in juice form to start. I am sprouting legumes, have a garden full of greens and just did a huge grocery haul to get me started.


I am juicing with an omega 8006 masticating juicer. It is amazing and highly recommended. I got mine second hand on Kijiji for 200$

On a juice feast we should be consuming anywhere between 1-3liters of juice. Plus water, tea, fresh raw nut mills and / or veggie broth.

So day one complete, here's what I had:


Morning: 2 cups juice
Celery half a stalk pack
Lemon 1/2


Lunch: 4 cups juice
Mixed greens from the garden
Sprouted lentils
Collard greens
1/2 lime


Dinner: 1 cup intense shooter, 2 cups green juice, 2 cups red juice

Fresh tumeric

Green juice:

Red juice:
Fresh juiced tomatoes

So yummy! I liked separating the last 3 juices to enjoy the different flavor profiles. I washed the juicer between each juice.





I did cheat a bit, I had a full watermelon, an orange, and about a cup of store bought pea milk, ripple unsweetened. These are mostly liquid, and I figured better to not be too strict as this is my first attempt. I will continue to have watermelon, as it is 96% water and for the non dairy milk I will start making my own today. Raw almond and cashew milk. Stay tuned 😉


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Looks like your on the right path brother! Good luck on your cleanse and keep us posted! Peace!


Thank you, I'm a sister btw ;)

@veganbeast Keep it up sister! Let's walk the journey to glowing health together! <3


Yes! Thanks so much for the support! <3

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I look forward to your posts!! Go on!!!


Thank you ;)

Omegas are the best!!!!
But what about the fiber???? L.O.L just kidding


What a fantastic day for health, be tuned for more.