Great Time Good Opportunity

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I can say it is a great time to buy coins in Empowr (EMPR)
WHY? Because the price falls a little bit over than $1

Empwr will try to open the coin's release to the members because empowrians is requesting for it.
Empowr tries to wait for the release of coins for the stability of the coin price and to prevent citizens from doubting so Empowr try to make it open and start releasing more coins to the Empowrians external wallet.

That´s the result of a sudden rise of the coin price and then fall down since many try to sell out coins in a short period of time. Well, it´s normal since there are many taking advantages of it.

For those who are loyal to Empowr, I can say I am a part of it.
We try to trade buy and sell to help back stabilize the coin and on the other hand, I can also buy more coins directly to while the price is affordable and get a double up. Like for example, I purchased a total of 200 coins this month; then I get another 200 more in my empowr balance for maturation. It means I got a total of 400. The other half was sent to my external ether wallet after 24 hours.

In some way, it is positive while it is just started and everyone wants to have more coins for the future savings.

If you want to directly buy coins without joining the Empowr social media.
Use this link –

Thank you for the time you spend in my post.

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