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Wanaka Ancient Village, located in the northeastern part of Wuyuan, is an ancient Huizhou village in which the Yu surname is the main clan. Wanaka village is surrounded by mountains and water, with beautiful scenery, the spirit of the mountains and water, the spirit of the land and the people, is the ancient Huizhou side of the "Hui Xiu Zhong Ling" place, the history of the literary style flourished here, humanities rise, but also out of a large number of merchants and rich Huizhou merchants in the four directions and the famous sages who are good at seal carving, calligraphy and painting.
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The long street along the stone road into the village is called Guan Zhong He Zheng Jie, known as the "thousand-year-old street", and is not wide enough to be a moon-shaped street with houses and shops built in the Ming and Qing dynasties.
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