Solving world crises with...

in journal •  11 months ago


With the world looking crazier by the day; Texas mass shooting, Las Vegas mass shooting, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, Iran, Isis, North Korea, Antifa, national debt, etc etc

It’s enough to go mental, and enough to sit up and worry about at night (but what’s the point of that). I guess we just wish there were quick solutions to things. Perhaps there are more peaceful ways to solve world problems.

Sometimes I just wish we could solve some differences with a good old dance off. Yes I know the problems won’t dissapear, nor will rocket man face off with the donald, but we can always hope.

In any case i’ll have to settle with this great and odd face off between marvel vs dc. Wait for Batman at the end.. he takes it :) .

Wishing for peace in this world.

Wishing I could dance.. because I can’t.

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wow all stat are in 1 place

best dance competition but love the Spiderman and Thor dance 😂😂😂