Salma and Jokes of Saints -2

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coollogo_com-147471519.pngCall Girl Salma with 65 years old old age - uncle, do you try once!

Old Saints- I will not be able to!

Call Girl Salma- "Hey, come on Uncle, do TRAI!

Uncle Srity came and broke at Salma and his thoughts were torn off.

Salma started fighting a lot - she died! You were saying that "I will not be able to do it?"

Saints - that was what I was saying about the payment!

Salma and Irfan came to live in the neighborhood of Sainta.

In Salma's 36 Inch's cheats, she took the mind of Saints into temptation. She wanted to love Salma's orange cheeks in any way. He started promoting the relationship with Irfan and both of them became known to come to each other's house.

One day, Salma gave her the words of her heart only after getting Salma alone - if I give you a thousand rupees then will you let me bite my chest?

Salma angry, being red-yellow; Shameless, you have not been ashamed of doing such a thing? Get away from my eyes!

Saints celebrate Salma and said - Why are you angry? Since you have seen, I am restless to bite on your cheats! Let's give ten thousand rupees if you bite me on your cheeks!

Salma got lured into the mind, she said, 'Oh, in ten thousand, I should open it once and never show my chest!'

Finally, the deal was decided that Sunita would give one lakh rupees instead of biting on Salma's mother-in-law.

In the greed of one lakh rupees, Salma hurriedly removed her shirt and said, "Dear brother, open my bra's hook from behind!"

Sara opened the brace of Salma and cheered her cheeks, raised the issue, and when her mind was full, then Saina started coming home.

Salma stopped saying, 'Oh my brother, now give me one lakh rupees?'

Saints said - It was decided that I will give you one lakh rupees instead of biting your chest.

Salma- Yes, I'm demanding one lakh rupees!

Say it - but I did not cut it on your cheats! So what's the money?

The heart of Saints came to Salma, the girl working in her own office. Saina wanted to kill Salma in any condition.

But Salma was the father of Irfan, Irfan was his childish hopeful.

After all, when Salma was thinking of thinking about the fisherman and tired of fighting, he decided that he would now talk to Salma.

He said to Salma - You like me very much, I want to love you.

Salma responded- Sara ji, you know that I love Irfan.

Sara said, 'Salma, the right thing is that I want to fuck you in your ladyfolding and you want to fuck her.' I will give you five thousand rupees for this.

Salma got angry - what have you understood me?

Saints said - What do I do! I will die if I do not get your pussy! I will not spend too much time, I'll just drop the money down on the floor, as long as you lean it, I'll be able to do my work.

Salma started thinking, she called Irfan and told the whole story and asked what should I do?

Irfan said - Hey, he will not be able to open his pants so long as you will be able to raise money. Yes do it

Salma did yes to Saina.

After four and a half hours Irfan's phone came to Salma, she asked- five thousand rupees to earn?

Salma- I have been chanting for the last 40 minutes, she has dropped five thousand rupees on the floor!

A very beautiful and sexy girl Salma went to Doctor Santa and said - Doctor, I have a strange disease.

Doctor Saint-what?

Salma- Whenever I smoke cigarettes, I feel very uneasy, there is a strange batch, when I take the first pig, I take off my shoes, socks in the second pipe, take off the shirt in the third puff, the fourth puff In your lower and ...

Talking to him in the doctor's heart, I did not understand anything! Do one thing, take this low cigarette packet and drink it comfortably!

At night, a girl Salma pointed to the Santa's car to stop!

When Santa stopped the car, Salma jumped in and said - Oh, I am sorry! I understand the taxi!

Sayta sir- Yes, I had understood this too!

Sarta told a girl who was shopping in a mall, "I love you, my girlfriends?"
Salma responded with the tactic- give your number, when a break-up from the present will make a missed call.

Once Salta's girlfriends Salma asked Saints - do you really love me?

Saints- yes!

Answer: Answer: Girlfriend Salma asked another question - How much do you love me?

Saints - more than their lives!

When Salma heard this and became happy and asked for happiness another reason for happiness - why do you love me so much?

The troubled Satya, who was troubled by the questions of Salma, replied in anger - what you have to take your pussy for free!

Sanaa was having sex with her girlfriend Salma, and then suddenly Salma starts crying loudly and starts hitting her in the air.

Seeing that, the Saint is afraid and says to Salma - You are right, do not you?

Salma- Yes!

When Sita starts sex again, Salma starts screaming and starts knocking her hand in the air.

Seeing this, Saints say to Salma - What are you doing? Which is the first time we are having sex!

Salma responds with a smiling face - Abe, you did not stay, the day after that my engagement has been tied. I am practicing your honeymoon to make Chintya!

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